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Getting shirty - sponsorship and the All Blacks

So the deal is done; AIG has paid around $20 million a year to plant their logo on the chests of our premier sporting heroes - the All Blacks have well and truly embraced the global commercialism that dominates world sport. Reputedly, the players campaigned to have the logo made smaller and less intrusive (but surely with one eye on their share of the booty?). The question is, isn't this just a piece of sensible business that will help support and develop the national game? Or is this a slur on our sporting cultural heritage? I reckon after a game or two, we will barely notice the change. If the money is spent wisely, the fans will surely be quick to forgive and forget.


Its the start of things to follow.... it begins when we start to sell out and continues. The first thing you see on the shirt is the logo, i would prefer to see the symbol of our country. I feel sad.


They need sponsors guys, don't knock it.


At the end of the day the sport is professional now and sponsorship is part of that. What concerns me more is insurance companies that can throw $20 million dollars away and then make you feel stink when you put in a claim.


yeah they need sponsors but you can choose to get sponsored by a company that you can trust and align yourself with. AIG don't give a rats behind about Rugby, they're in it just for the money they will make from people that see that if the All Blacks like them, then they should have it as well. Be interesting to see if AIG get in the headlines for a bad rap about finances whether the All Blacks will back them up lol


Look at any international sports team, in this professional era, sponsors are crucial. All Blacks are not over and beyond this. yeah the shirt isn't the same, but either is sports today. People need to suck it up and move on.


Realistically it was only a matter of time before sponsors were going to get their logos on the All Blacks shirts - and shorts. At least it isn't going to be as prominent as on the other NZ rugby shirts. (All Blacks Sevens, NZ Black Ferns etc).

The All Blacks have been lucky that they have managed to stay logo free for as long as they have (Adidas logo excluded) Check out Australia, South Africa and England's rugby shirts, they have prominent sponsorship logos splashed across the front.


Darren makes a very good point. Seeing an insurance company splashing out such a huge sum of money when so many thousands in Christchurch are struggling to extract a bean from the industry is somewhat galling. The insurance industry has a long way to go to rebuild its rock bottom reputation in this country, and I'm not sure that sport sponsorship is the way to do that.


....I don't like it I still don't like it but I can understand why it has to be done, even if I don't like it lol, we have seen how clubs like Otago for instances suffered Financially and apparently other clubs are borderline too, not that I don't see this new sponsorship filtering much down to the clubs etc, but our AB's need major sponsoring because we are not a rich team compared to the likes of England, yet we are the world champs, it reflects on the field but not in the books....and the books is what matters really, though I prefer what is happens on the field.....I am just glad at least it wasn't as big as the one they put on the soccer club Man U i think with that border.....


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