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GCSB Bill are you For or Against it?

I have been trying to be more informed about the bill and have had some healthy and some what heated debates about this topic, with friends, family and work colleagues. I personally feel that it is one of our basic rights to have one's own privacy, if that is taken from us what is next. Friends say that if you don't have anything to hide why worry. I worry because it is my right to have it as a citizen of a democratic government. I don't understand the methods the government are using to rush this through without providing information on what it is all about instead of saying we have terrorists and this is the security measure we need. How can this protect our privacy as they state, when they are breaching it in order to make it secure. Another dozzy by John Key is that there are more NZ'ers concerned about snapper quota than there is about the GCSB but as my partner said who loves to go fishing, fishermen already have the information in order to protest about the recommended quota changes where the GCSB has filtered little or no information to the public, and the government remain happy with that. It just makes me uneasy about why it is getting rushed through quickly why there is no public discussion or more information out there about what the bill is about, and why John Key likes to state that no one is really interested in it. as it stands now I am opposed to it and I give props to anyone who is making this bill aware to the public i.e. Campbell Live

What do you think about it all?


"I think people are much more interested in the snapper quota" said John Key.


Against for sure! Why is there a need to spy on us? So they can try to sell us more crap! As if they aren't doing that already! John Key should know better considering what happened with his 'tea gate' debacle.


Against it for sure its just another step in the way of taking our freedom. But lets be honest its been happening in the past regardless of law.


Against it


Definately against it


against it principle but for it in other ways.


absolutely against it. we are in the grip of a very paternalistic government who don't seem to think we are able to manage our own affairs without their meddling. it is impacting in such a pervasive way on life and living and reflected in the local council's approach too.


You can easily argue that it is ok and necessary for our continued safety... however its like drawing a line in the sand. If we let the government step over this line then they will continue to step over the new ones... eventually we would've lost sight of the line we had originally let them cross.


As much as I tend to support the government I'm really leaning against the GCSB bill as I simply don't think that we as a nation are mature enough to wield this sort of power responsibly. as much as people keep rolling out the threat bandwagon, the simple fact is that we do not face the same sort of internal and external political and criminal threats that the US, UK and maybe some of the European nations face (except France, people just hate them). I think that we could achieve the same or more by beefing up our current security agencies with more resources and get them to use what they currently have more effectively.


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