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Foo Fighters @ Western Springs

Who is out-of-their-mind excited for this like me? I got my gold pass / field ticket in the pre sales, and that section has already sold out... If you've seen the Foo Fighters documentary, Back and Forth, I keep having visions of their concert at Wembley Arena. It's going to be MENTAL!!!


Ahhhhh, I AM!! myself and 3 friends also have the Gold Field tickets. Got them in the presale. This will be the 5th time seeing them. Once in Wellington for the In Your Honour Tour, once at the Big Day Out and twice last time they were here for the Echos, Silence, Patience and Grace Tour. I've seen so many big bands over the years live.... Metallica, U2, The Police, Coldplay, Faith No More, Elton John, Billy Joel, BDO for many years, Rock to Wellington (Ozzy, Kiss, Poison etc), ACDC... Man the list goes on and on. Anyways, out of all the bands I've seen, Foo Fighters live are my favorite. If you've never been.... I envy you! I'd love to go back to the first time I saw them. I was totally blown away by how amazing the gig was. Dave Grohl is the best frontman you could ever ask for. Crowd engaging, great live set with twists to classic songs throughout the setlist. Great crowds always. You will without a doubt have the time of your life. And how good was Back and Forth?!? Amazing, I never knew so many things about that band before then. And Wasting Light is an amazing album too! So yeah, you could say I'm a little bit excited..... Just a little! Ha!


I watched the documentary the other day. Gave me an appreciation for the music I thought was throwaway crap. Okay it's always been super catchy. These guys are legends. If they don't sell out I will probably make a last minute decision to go.

For $109 or $132 it's one of the cheapest big bands you'll ever see. I convinced a friend to go with me last time who was not a fan...... had a ball at the concert and now loves the Foos and thinks Dave Grohl is a legend........ which he is of course!

I say GO! You won't be dsiappointed.


Never even thought about them to be honest. They were always a band that I heard somewhere else, or on the radio. Cool doco though.


If anyone is willing to sell field foo fighters tickets, I will pay more than cost price!!!!


Not much of a foo fighters fan, but tenacious d would be sweet. Hope they crank a few side shows too, but doubt it.


can't wait to rock out with my cock out with dave!

Then I'm glad I'm not going!!

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