Discussing :: Fluoride in water - common sense or nanny state?


Keep it in the water supply!!


We are on tank water so it isn't affect us but I have health issues and fluoride doesn't agree with me. I think it is better not to be in the water for those her don't want it or can't have it. Good dental care with a fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash is always available.


Any substance like alcohol or even water itself can be harmful. The amount of fluoride in our drinking water is just below the maximum safe level. I'm for fluoride.


Fluoride occurs naturally in many city's water supply around the world. Obviously in different concentrations. In NZ, we have naturally low levels of fluoride, thus, many city councils add fluoride to make it up to a level supported by evidence to be beneficial to oral health.

Regardless of which side anyone is on, what frustrates me most in Hamilton, is the billboards from lobby groups. Why don't they present actual information, instead of emoting people with lines like "good dentists say no to fluoride"?

Both good points and well-made...the politicisation and commercialisation of issues like this really gets my back up and I'd be thinking twice about supporting any dentist business that wasn't firmly backed by science - not sure my teeth would like to be cared for by the intelligent design lobbk, i mean, nutjobs...


One thing I don't understand after all this time is that we still don't have authoritative research that demonstrates whether it works or not. I'm aware of the issues of the Napier/Hastings experiment, but further south but still in Hawke's Bay, there are two small towns side by side - Waipawa and Waipukurau - one that has fluoridated water and one that doesn't. I don't see how hard it is to study the school dental records in such areas (and there must be many more around NZ) and establish the correlation or lack of it between fluoridation and tooth decay, in children in particular.


Everything is poisonous or dangerous if not used properly or correctly. I'm for keeping it in the water in the proper dosage.

I couldn't agree more to this statement. I believe I saw a formula showing how much water would have to be consumed for the amount of fluoride to be considered dangerous, it was something along the lines of 80L in a three hour period. By which time you would have given yourself water poisoning and diluted the salts in your body enough to be lethal.

The number may not be correct, but that was the idea behind it.


They should keep it, the nation can always benefit from healthier teeth at the small cost of some fluoride.


Absolutely keep it in. If the dentists & other health professionals in NZ think it should be there, then I'll go with what they're saying.


Lose it. Just because it's the way it's been done for years doesn't mean we have to continue. It may (or may not) be good for teeth, and we do not know if it causes other health problems because no one has really looked into the relationship between other illnesses with relation to fluoridation of water.

If I don't want it in my drinking water why should I have to BUY water from the supermarket. If you want it, put fluoride tabs in your own water.


People do have less dental problems with fluoride added in the water. I come from a country where nothing is added to the water and population has MASSIVE problems with their teeth.


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