Discussing :: Fluoride in water - common sense or nanny state?


"Brush your teeth after eating" that's what our parents always said. Lollies and lolly water are the main cause of rotting teeth, but kids never listen and certainly don't brush after eating this. Floride in water may only go part of the way


I say its common sense, better that we try and not let our kids & future generations have no descent teeth


Keep it in


we should keep it i mean we dont even have selenium in the water!


No brainer - I would prefer it kept in the water for my benefit

The thing I find most funny is the places where fluoride is mostly needed, the people are drinking fizzy drinks anyway so it most likely doesn't have as much benefit as it could do.


definately common sense esp for our children.. Childrens teeth are rotting nowadays we need to keep them strong.


Tooth decay is not just about being afraid to smile, but it actually kills poor people.
Flouride in the water has been shown to make a tremendous difference.


I don't have to worry so much as I reside in the country and I am on tank water. All I know is town supply tastes foul and the only good thing about Fluoride is it kills the bugs and helps our teeth. I think there is enough in our toothpaste already...but who doesn't forget to clean their own teeth sometimes???...:)


In my opinion, water should be filtered but not doused heavily in chemicals, also, it's your own choice what you do to your water when it comes out of the tap, some people boil it, etc or have filters of their own. On the Fluoride issue, I'd rather not be forced to have it in my drinking water, as long as you brush your teeth at least 2 times a day, and don't eat sugary food and drink daily, your teeth should be fine, putting it in the water supply is sort of lazy, whereas they should be educating people in proper practices of tooth care and creating good habits.


I like that in the Waikato Times this week there was a story about how the pro fluoride crew had sent a letter to the chemistry dept at the uni telling them to but tout of the debate. Their reasoning that science should have no say about whether or not its in the water. Shouldn't science have the biggest say????


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