Discussing :: Fluoride in water - common sense or nanny state?


Keep it in the water. My daughter was born in Aust where there was no fluoride in their water. I was advised to add fluoride drops to her formula to counteract the problem. It is an option for those who want to keep using fluoride if it is removed from the water supply.


I think its definitley sensible to keep the flouride in the water because there are so many health benefits from it. I think that its common sense to have it in the water and its completly safe. It can only have positive outcomes for everyone. There are generally more people for it than against it!


Science changes our perceptions of what is safe and what isn't! What was once considered safe and the common thing to do by science was treatment by leeches - any takers?? I didn't think so. The science is now showing that Fluoride is not only not required but it can also have many detrimental effects to peoples health. The only proven positive effect is for local application to teeth which is best via the medium of toothpaste. It has not beneficial effects on teeth when it is in the water supply! So lets get it out of where it shouldn't be save ourselves some money, remove the possibility of adverse health effects and move on with the developments of Science or are you still a "Flat Earth" believer as well?


Maybe we should start teaching our kids to look after their teeth instead of telling them the the government/council will do it for them. Not seen a toothpaste ad that tells kids to brush their teeth for years


I'm certainly not a fun of toxic chemicals being added to our drinking water.


Fully support it in the water, does more good than damage


One conspiracy theory, is that fluoride makes it easier to hypnotize and brainwash you into being a complacent and pliable member of society. It just seems like if the aim was to mellow out people, they would legalize cannabis.


We need it!!! You only need to look at my parent's teeth vs my teeth to know that it's a fabulous thing. All dentists agree too, and these are educated people who have seen a few teeth in their lifetime! Most naturally sourced water has flouride in it anyway!


We don't have it where we live (especially being that we are on tank water). We were giving our daughter fluoride tablets on recommendation from a dental nurse...however our dentist explained the benefit of this was minimal in comparison with the fact that fluoride is a poision that should not be ingested. Fluoride needs to coat the teeth to protect them, not ending up in the stomach - therefore using a good fluoride toothpaste, brushing well, flossing and not rinsing afterwards ensures the fluoride stays on the teeth. Sugary drinks...no, lollies no (just treats). She also recommended tooth mousse which is a topical application rubbed onto the teeth...yes time consuming with kids and not cheap, but we want our two to never experience problems with their teeth. Putting fluoride in water automatically takes away the right of people to decide what is best for them & their children. If you want to get fluoride on your teeth, you need to do the extra work.


Common sense as why are toothpaste companies selling kids toothpaste with no fluoride as theres none in our water so no wonder so many kids have rotting teeth.

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