Discussing :: Fluoride in water - common sense or nanny state?


Fluoride has great benefits for your teeth but its not so great for your brain. I has been known to make people complacent.


Most issues/cases with fluoride have been where the level is far greater than what we add to our water supplies (ie 30x+ as much). I don't really know enough to comment if it's actually bad or not in the levels we use.


Fluoride should be an individual choice it's not for everyone. When I first came to NZ years ago I lived in a village that had it's own bores, so the water was straight from the well, sans fluoride. When the children came along I would always give them a fluoride tablet at their bedtime teeth brushing. At that time there were no arguments pro or anti fluoride, but I felt it was important my children's teeth had the best chance especially when it comes to the exorbitant fees dentists charge adults. My children have grown up with beautiful teeth, requiring very little dental treatment, maybe they are the lucky ones. Would I advocate fluoride tablets to my grandchildren?, yes I think I would, but fluoridating everyone's water no. That would eliminate the choice which I think is important.


I heard today only 15% of preschool kids brush their teeth twice a day and adults 50%?!?!?! Gee brush your fangs guys!!!! Poo.


at least we know fluoride is in the water or use to know at least, i would be worried about what is in our water now that we don,t know about.


I say keep it in the water eh, we have enough of the younger generation having more and more dental issues.


NO NO NO!!! don't you all know the full side effects Fluoride?? There are too many bad and lasting side effects to justify what little it really does for our teeth, and what type of Fluoride actually goes into our water, best to Teach our kids to eat less junk food and brush their teeth MORE!!


get rid of it all over NZ


The pros outweigh the cons. It's not actually likely to have a detrimental effect it's minute concentrations. Everyone saying it's "poison" needs to realize everything is poison but at certain levels. The dosage of fluoride in the water is definitely safe and you're not getting "poisoned"


Isn't the whole point of water is that it is a pure natural product that falls from our sky and it is what humans should drink in that natural state to live. It's all the other crap we keep putting in everything that messes with our bodies. We took flouride tablets as kids growing up or its in your toothpaste so you can still get it if its not in water. If you have heaps of sugar you're still going to have rotten teeth even if theres flouride in your water.


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