Discussing :: Fluoride in water - common sense or nanny state?


Fluoride in water - common sense or nanny state?

So Hamilton City Council made the call this week to remove fluoride from the City's water supplies. Now anti-fluoride campaigners have their sights set on Wellington. Dental experts are up in arms about the decision, suggesting that the good people of Hamilton are set on a miserable future course of tooth decay and extractions. Should fluoride be added to water for our own good, or is the Hamilton decision the beginning of a fight back against the 'nanny' state?


dare I admit it,but I kind of like having fluoride in my water. I know pros and cons of this, but for me - bring back fluoride!!

Why don't you (and people that want fluoride in their water) take your own fluoride. I dont think law should require this.

Recently in Hamilton, the water tasted amazing

There has been no difference to the taste in the water. It has and always will taste terrible. At least with fluoride, we get a bit more of a health benefit from drinking it.


I'm happy with Floride in the water. My dad never had it when he was growing up and has terrible teeth. I don't really look after mine either but I still don't have any fillings. Really, people who don't want it are the same people who don't immunise their kids. Which is a similar delema.


Gotta love a local govt that COMPLETELY ignores what the locals want!! Election time soon, hope this ensures that evil wench gets out!!


"The goal of water fluoridation is to prevent tooth decay by adjusting the concentration of fluoride in public water supplies. Tooth decay (dental caries) is one of the most prevalent chronic diseases worldwide. Although it is rarely life-threatening, tooth decay can cause pain and impair eating, speaking, facial appearance, and acceptance into society, and it greatly affects the quality of life of children" Why take it out on the children........what reason do they have to remove it? just for savings?


I am a person living in Hamilton City and i am appalled at our councils decision to do this, you only have to listen to the dentists and what they are saying, i can see them making a whole lot of money though, so not sure why they are so up in arms, yes they say having fluoride in our water is bad for us, is the evidence conclusive though, i think not,and yes when it all comes down to it, it is the DOLLAR for sure and what happened to majority rules, hmm ,yep most of the citizens of Hamilton city did not approve this decision, shame on you HCC.


Who needs poison added to our water! not me


Keep it in the water supply!!


keep it in the supply, its a simple adjustment to water supply to provide the 'recommended daily intake' to allow people to reap the benefits. The arguments against are often opinion based and never warrant much reasoned debate until there is good reason why ruin a good thing?


keep it in the supply if it wasnt safe to drink then they would've taken it out years ago

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