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Final Results for Fight For Life

Just finished watching the Fight for Life boxing to fundraise for the prostate cancer foundation the results were:

Rugby League Vs Rugby
Jerry SeuSeu vs Slade Mcfarland (Winner)
Wairangi Koopu (Winner) vs Matua Parkinson
Haley Holt (Winner) vs Paige Hareb
Awen Guttenbeil vs Carlos Spencer (Draw)
Wendel Sailor vs Liam Messam (Winner)
Month Betham vs Shane Cameron (Winner)

In my opinion the girls fight was the best on the night...was a ripper of a match and they went for it.....I'd have to say that the decision for the fight against Awen and Carlos was crap!....Carlos definitely out boxed him so you have to wonder what that judge was thinking to give that bout to Guttenbeil and so they drew the match...stupid! everyone could see that Carlos knocked Awen on his arse....the other matches were cool but again my favourite was the fight between the girls awesome display...so for anyone who thought they were just going to be a novelty thing to stare at the girls definitely proved them wrong....but in the end Prostate Cancer Foundation one in the end.....awesome evening can't wait for the next one!


yeah definitely girls fight was best. Paige Hareb was staunch as! Carlos was a real suprise package, he really had some boxing skills. You forgot the Christian Cullen fight - I thought he was real gutsy.

....@Darren ohh yes I did...lol but considering the time I posted the thread one can be forgiven me thinks....and I still can't get over Paige Hareb I think any longer she would have had it over Haley Holt....Haley came out fighting straight away and puffed herself out a bit I think but Paige was a little bull dog scrapping to the very end....and yes was the best....I knew Carlos would do great because he had, had a lot of intense boxing with one of South Africas biggest boxing families...so he would have been in good steed to step up but I think Awen got to cocky because he did say he was going to knock Carlos out but we all know what happened...and I think Carlos was ripped off to be honest...man he is so good to look at though!....hehehehe we were watching the fights with our partners and all us girls were yelling out for him to take his shirt of lol....Christian Cullen was the surprise for me I thought he would have got done but he was awesome too...but hope the prostate cancer foundation make a lot of money out of this

Rugby vs Rugby League
Christian Cullen vs Issac Luke (Winner)...


Looking at Spencer's training I thought he would have ripped into the match but Guttenbeil definitely had it on points until the knockdown. He used his height really well. The girls fight was great with Hareb showing some real heart against much bigger opposition. Anyone else think the main event was a let down compared to some of the earlier fights?!

...yes the main event was a total let down didn't do to much for Camerons career either...as for Monty I think that was the best way for him to go because if he had actually tried to box instead of pissing Cameron of I think the fight would have been better...but he was just tapping and walking away for most of the game....and yes it wasn't that great thankfully the ladies stepped up.....


All in all a great night - nearly lost voice shouting a the TV :) A couple of close knock outs for some of the fighters.


Women got a well-deserved standing ovation. Monty did his best just to survive

I was expecting more out of Monty and was sadly disappointed...you'd think they would have went for it with the 25K up for grabs....alas nothing happened...I hope Haley and Paige have a rematch....lol

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