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Earth Hour.......!

Earth Hour is tomorrow Saturday March 23 8:30pm ..... Will you be switching off your lights for an hour?


Haven't seen or heard much about this in the NZ Herald or on the news-maybe they need to push it a bit more next year!


Forgot about it as usual - wasn't rugby on then?


I hadn't heard anything about it - usually there is some coverage. We turned the lights off at 8.32 for an hour and pretty much fumbled around in the dark knocking stuff over. I am sure my pc that was on, the dishwasher and the telly used more power than 2 ecobulbs in my lounge. Symbolic I suppose. All good - done for another year!


Have heard about this movement.. I love the cause.. it amazes me that this has been continuing every year for a while now and these people never give up. Quite inspiring as although it would appear that switching off our lights for one hour is not really helping the environment (because we all switch our million appliances back on), the reminder to everyone is (or should be) a huge impact and something for us to all think about.. I take my hats off to the groups of people in the world always continuously trying to 'fight' for what they believe in. Well done!


Usually I try and participate but I didn't even realise it was this weekend. Where was all the usual advertising? A bit more promotion might be needed to make it more of a 'movement'?


Didn't hear about this until it's gone! It's terrible that the media isn't getting behind this any more. No wonder the uptake is woefully low.


We nearly always do this but missed it!! Have to say it isn't well publicised which is such a shame... anyone would think it wasn't worth making the effort :(


I have been thinking about this and it should be every week at the same time. That's still only 52 hours a year and even if we remebered half the time it would make more of an impact and maybe change habits!


Earth Hour was probably not advertised as much as it would not benefit any of the major gas or electricity companies, and therefore would not appear on the news. it is sad to see our world defined by mere money rather than the thought of where we live and being grateful for the nature and it bounty which we are given. Instead we chose to rape the land, leaving it desolate for the future generations. I, for one, am going about and changing this. Starting little, using reusable bags, turning off lights, shorter showers, growing your own veges, and loving and embracing Earth hour are some ways you too can change the earth, for the better. That's all I have to say about that.


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