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Duo Coffee

Two cups one white one black no sugar ---- Cheers thanks Frank


Duo coffee is the one, duo coffee if you have run out of fun, you need a pick up something quick, duo coffee will do the trick. I cannot wait to get my fix cause duo coffee makes me feel like a pri...... hmmmm.. you get the jist!!


I have never tried Duo, but it sure sounds like a great drop


Duo coffee.. I usually have a flash roasted steamy creamy coffee with my coffee machine, but I can't take that to work... worth a shot! :)


Hmm, could do with a jar of avalanche in the pantry, havent tried before, and certainly wouldnt mind trying it for free,aye get frank hint hint nudge nudge


I love coffee and what more a great tasting one and this one sounds absolutely yummy, whats better than starting the day with a great coffee!!


I like fresh plunger coffee but my husband likes instant. Has somebody found our middle ground? Middle ground! OMG!


Instant for convenience and plunger because it is there (bought a big bag and have to use it) but, really, since we bought a coffee machine, we get far better quality and tasting coffee (once we worked out all the bells and whistles) not much slower than instant and certainly less messy than plunger coffee...still it's always good to have some instant handy for when the beans run out on a weekend, or for visitors we don't like!


I admit to using my plunger coffee without the plunger at times when I'm in a hurry. Still tastes great , coffee grounds sink to the bottom of the cup, you just cant drink the last mouthful.


I would love to try the Duo Coffee and I just buy Nescafe Gold for our household...:)


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