Discussing :: Do We really hate the Aussies?


I'm Irish, now Kiwi who has spent an equal amount of time in Australia. My first experience with this so called I'm better than you because I'm an Aussie or I'm a kiwi was my very first game of rugby between both sides. I was only about fifteen brought up on the only real game football (soccer) when I watched in sheer amazement at these two sides going hammer and tong with no real protection and their fans going absolutely bonkers, ( Murder the Aussie Bastards, or Kill those Kiwi bludgers. When in real life I think we all get on fine So to say we hate the Aussies is a bit strong after all we are Anzac brothers.


Why should we?... as we should all live and work together in Love, Peace and Harmony!


It is great to have Vicky Wilson - an Australian helping our netballers. Anything we can do to beat them.


I don't think we hate them, but we do want to beat them at everything!


Just friendly rivalry really... makes winning more awesome!

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