Discussing :: Do We really hate the Aussies?


No we dont, just like they hate us, its all part of the banter of sports, ribbing each other




hate is too strong of a word i think its more like friendly rivalry, like how you can sometimes give your mates hard time but you dont really wish them any misfortune having said that sometimes people can take things a bit too far even though they dont mean to


I don't believe that every New Zealander hates Aussie's I think that its just a stigma thats been around for such a long time. I mean we give them a bit of cheek every now and then, but I think thats normal and it's just having a bit of a laugh and fool around.I think sometimes people say they hate the Aussies because they are intimidating because they are a much bigger country.


not at all ,its just a bit of fun, most of the time in good humour,bit like the americans and canadians, they also are much the same as we are with the aussies, i guess there is always the true haters out there, but then those type of people hate anything and everything,yep just a bit of good fun, i often get a bit of it given to me on websites i belong to from aussies and i give back as good as i get, all in fun for sure.


No we don't hate them but it is so much 'fun' when we beat them and unfortunately quite a few of there bosses (coaches) are nasty loses. This of course just encourages to hassle them.


not really we are such close neighbours that it would be silly to.


We love them as our brothers don't get me wrong, but l quess when it comes to sport you have to ask yourself "Should we play hard or feel sorry for them and let them win?"


Nah...they are just like the annoying little brother that you squabble with all the time. You love them really but most of the time they are a pain in the rear!!!


nah its big sister little brother fun. NZ is little brother

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