Discussing :: Do We really hate the Aussies?


I'm not a fan of a strong Aussie accent, strong kiwi accent is pretty bad but Aussie one slightly more unbearable ...! We always must win when it comes to anything competitive :) of course. Never been to aus but would love to go to see tropical fish, reef, coral etc. and warmer weather.


Lets not get hate confused with good old-fashioned sporting rivalry. Besides the Aussies couldn't win a game of Solataire at the moment - you have to feel for them.


I don't think we hate them at all, we are (just like them) extremely competitive and both sides love the rivalry. It's a great feeling for both sides to push each others buttons, whether it be about accents, sport or where someone that made it big actually comes from (-:


yes, especially on the sports field. we relish in the Aussies losing at sport which lately has been happening quite a bit. It seems the Aussie sports teams and individuals have an arrogance, which adds to the trans - tasman rivalry. in my opinion it only adds an extra passion for us sports fans.


Half my family are Aussies so no there's no hating from me.


Yes........No i dont think we do. its a friendly competition. aussies and kiwis are quite similar really.


I think it is mainly in fun. On the whole it is harmless as it goes both ways. I think our countries would stick together if it was ever needed.


Just a bit of fun taken too far by some people, push come to shove we would stick together.


The Aussies are just like an older sibling, we will hassle them and annoy them but in the end we still love them.


Only the arrogant ones , the other 3 are OK!

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