Discussing :: Do We really hate the Aussies?


Do We really hate the Aussies?

I wonder is it really necessary that we denegrate (put down-criticise unfairly) our Aussie neighbours especially for example when there are lots of Aussie supporters like at the game in Wellington. Do we really hate them that much? I understand it is done in jest and fun and we are definitely rivals in the sports arena but when I listen to what is being said, it just doesnt sound neighbourly at all. What does it say about us as a nation or is it only a few that do this?


I think its all in fun and sports! I don't think we hate them as to many kiwis go to live there!


It's great to have a bit of fun when competing against the Aussies,just no fun trying to work with them.Talk about a pack of wingers.


I dont think we actually hate them its more we have great banter with them! we love to see them lose because we can give them hell about it. but it is definitely the big brother little brother relationship. Just in this case the little brother has all the talent!!


Hate is based on fear.


Never! We've got a great opportunity to be able to move over there without needing a visa. Some of my best friends are aussie. I like to think we're really close to Australia, politically and otherwise. If there's one thing we've got above them, its a nicer accent!


nah, we don't hate our big brother, why should we?


We only give back what they dish out... but under all that we still manage to get along with each other to a degree.


I think we hate them because they are like our older sibling that has a lot going for it and we feel the need to compete and try and keep up. We are all friends when overseas in strange and unfamiliar countries. I have far too many friends and family members from and living in Australia to hate them. Having said that there's a lot to dislike about *some* Aussies but that could be said about most countries including our own!


Not hate maybe jealous ? Some things are great, like job opps but others not so good, like all the killer spiders snakes etc. I just don't like some things they do, and how some treat others, particular ethnic groups, communities etc


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