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Do Aussies have a sense of humour?

Do Aussies have a sense of humour? I'm beginning to wonder. Last weekend in Newcastle NSW to see the Phoenix play the Newcastle Jets, the Nix were 1-0 up with ten minutes on the clock. As is tradition, the Yellow Fever removed their shirts to start the celebrations, leaving the Aussie stewards distinctly unimpressed. Failing to see the funny side, they insisted all shirts were put back on as it 'was against stadium regulations' and 'could upset the women and children in the crowd'.

This was one of a number of examples of humourless, officious behaviour I witnessed over the weekend. Where's the famous Aussie laconic humour? Still, there must be some humour left - they do have Julia Gillard as Prime Minister...


....I know some Aussies who do, yes it is rare but their are some lol....they are not as humourous as us kiwis though we have a tendency to take the mickey out of anything for a good laugh.....


Anyone who can call a red head 'Blue' has got to have a great off the wall sense of humour, so yep I think Aussies do have the ability to be humorous and funny! Further evidence = they adopted Fred Dagg without a second thought - Good On Ya!


Yeah, Aussies are great - they take their time out very seriously and know how to enjoy themselves. Just look at their parks - in good weather every BBQ is surrounded by people having a great time.


I seems aussies have there sense of humour in the same place they keep their common sense .beats me wherever that is.


Have met some aussies an only met a few whos up for a good laugh!!!


well, they're Aussies . . . does That answer your question ?


Aussies sense of humour is as dry as their outback.


fuck yeah, summerset high anyone?


Aussies do have a simialr sense of humour to us Kiwis!

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