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Any cycling fans in the Get Frank community? Seems like it's getting more and more popular these days - the new golf. Did the Telstra Clear Challenge today, awesome opportunity to go over the Harbour Bridge! Hopefully they run it again next year.

I agree a cycle forum would be useful in GetFrank. I'm in Auckland, and am training for the 160km race in Taupo in November. I'm starting to discover cycle friendly routes that I can use, and am happy to share these with others, but had to go out there and look for myself. Anyone else out there training for Taupo?

hope your not one of those dicks that cycle 4 abreast in the waitakeres ranges grrrr


i bike to work each day which is about 10km each way.thats about as much cyclung i do


...I need to get out an cycle more....my cycling has only been on a stationary bike...with crap views.....


Cycling to work would be perfect for me... but I'm too scared of the traffic :(


Used to do a lot of cycling on a mountain bike. The course l used to train on was both off-road & on-road. l always rode as fast as l could maintain for the one & half hours. On average when on the road section, for every three rides there would be two times where l had to take major action to avoid getting knocked off. Car & trucks would just get past you and turn into a drive or park, forgetting or not being able to judge how fast you are moving. Sold my bike, so now on wet days l sit on my exercycle with the morning herald, going hardout catching up on the news. Much safer. Otherwise go for a run.


cycling is a great way to get fit - try BATS in sunny central hawkes bay - awesome


bats meet every tuesday night in waipukurau


I usually ride to work on the fixie but also make an effort to do at least a couple of 25-30km rides over to the mount & back for a bit of excercise & fitness training for surfing & skateboarding.. my mountainbike & bmx have sat untouched in the garage for the last 4 years... just can't get used to freewheeling again!


Oh & I don't wear "Cycling clothes" hahaha


I just do casual cycling to the shops and back home. No lycra cycling clothes for me either.

You better wear the proper cycle pants though if you do any serious distances, otherwise that seat is going to be like a wedge driven between your cheeks. Now that's going to hurt, and it can be a long walk home. lol


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