Discussing :: Could you survive a week chained to your mother-in-law?


Could you survive a week chained to your mother-in-law?

The Rocks latest competition is for 2 people to be chained up to their mother inlaws in a hotel room for 5 days. So basically living, eating, entertaining and showering with her. I could survive as my mother inlaw isn't too bad, sure she talks too much, likes SBW and jumps on every media bandwagon going but as the winner gets $10k, I would do alot worse, for alot less money!!!!OH YEAH!!!! Also my mother in-law is NO cougar so I wouldn't be tempted to share my love across the family LMFAO. She couldn't survive as all my bad habits, farting-foul language etc etc that piss her daughter off, would really drive her insane. Could you survive?


heard this over the weekend. I couldn't do it as I'd end up having to serve 20 years and I'm too weak and feminine-looking to survive in prison. DOH!


I'd need far more than $10K for that cruel and unusual punishment


What's the definition of mixed emotions ??? Watching your Mother in Law driving off a cliff in your new Maserati !!


...to my potential mother in law sure....the problem is could she handle being chained to me....lol


Hmm... I wouldn't want to be tied to anyone for a week. Well, actually, I can think of a couple of people... but none of them are mothers.

gosh keep going on like that your going to make me blush ;) heh

....lol...I totally agree Fi there are a few I wouldn't mind being chained to either.....and they definitely ain't mothers....lol....


One of my mother-in-laws is only 2 years older than my wife, as my wife's dad re-married..... Wouldn't bother me ;P


As she passed away just before Christmas, I would have to say no. But prior to that it would have been a yes. She bought me a car.


She is slow old and incontinent... happy happy joy joy. I am up for many challenges in life but I fear this one would be doomed to failure..... much as I love and respect her.


Another link in the chain, isn't that what we are all about. Share your insights and maybe just maybe the rewards will be beyond your wildest dreams.

Kinky if this is in reference to being bonded to your mother-in-law. lol

....only you BJ....lmao! would find that kinky....lol

Sorry DeeDee l think this maybe classed as Extreme Bondage, lol

...yes have to agree with you some what if he indeed is referring at being chained to his mother in law...wonder what his significant other will think....lol


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