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Copyright infringement Act - 1 sept

So how does every one feel about the new three strikes law about to come into effect? Will it change your behaviour at all?



used to download a heap of stuff not so much anymore, havent really looked into it much. Pretty sure are ways to get around it tho not too hard to change your ip numbers etc and bounce your location around if you know what you are doing


Hmmm.... did you know this legalization was paid for and pushed by the USA? Thanks for the info Wikileaks.
[youtube] [/youtube]


id have guessed after all who owns all the media
[youtube] [/youtube]


I think they're going to have their work cut out policing it. My behaviour will no doubt be unaffected.


Okay have i got the right end of the stick.

Govt wants internet providers to police content.

Internet companies want money from users and users want internet freedom.

Why would you endanger your customer base and potential earnings?
This is all based round ip monitoring and tracking right?

I can see peer to peer and file sharing networks heading into the encryted cloud boosting data usage and internet provider profits. Thus making the predicted demand for higher bandwidth justified along with it the rollout of highspeed broadband.


so this law is now in effect i wonder when my infringement notice will arrive.


A rushed law designed by people that don't know what they're talking about. You would have thought they might have got some advice on at least what they were making illegal. Or was I the onlly one laughing when they debated this in parliment. Skynets coming for us quick John Connor save us....


More people will just begin encrypting their BitTorrent connections and if that fails rerouting their internet traffic through an IP address in another country using a Virtual Private Network.


As far as I was aware, the ISPs have been given some time to get their act together. I shouldn't think that the first infringement notices will be sent out for a while yet. It's also a 3 strike rule, meaning you could flout it until receiving your second notice.
I wonder if this will effect the internet cafe businesses. Will people simply move their illegal behaviour to public computers?

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