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Congratulations to Steven Adams - NBA Superstar

What another terrific achievement for New Zealand's own Adams Family with the announcement that Steven Adams, brother of Gold Olympian Valerie, has been drafted into the first round of the NBA - the world's top basketball league. This archetypical modest Kiwi sporting hero can be justly proud of his achievement, and his reported NZ$2.8 million contract. Only 19, let's hope Steven becomes the inspiration for a new generation of home grown sporting talent.


This is exactly what NZ needs! another great sporting star!


He is amazing, what a great achievement. Representing NZ superstars!!!!! The Adams Family and NZ have alot to be proud of. Congratulations Steven!!!!


The jury is still out on how well Steven Adams will perform in the NBA but congratulations to him and getting picked in the first round of the NBA draft. I wish him all the best! I hope he proves all the critics wrong and puts in the hard work needed. I hope we can get D-league (development league - which is where he'll be initially) coverage so we can hear about his progress. I'm sure some of the media will keep us posted.


Well doen, congratulations & wish you luck!


lets hope SPARC see the merits of funding development basketball here in NZ, as they are getting zilch funding as it is, and now that others can see the potential through guys like Steven Adams I am sure the numbers of interested players in the sport would surely rise. I think this is well over due and the sports body of NZ that dish out the funding to NZ sports should recognise what this moment has not only meant to Steven Adams but to other players who love the game and for NZ sport as a whole, and btw I know that I will be supporting OKC and I am not even a big basketball fan, but you know we have to support, congrats Steven

I hope so too! There's a nice clip here where Steven Adams urges other youngsters to pass him. Love Steven's humble nature.

See the clip here: http://www.3news.co.nz/Steven-Adams-message-to-OKC-fans/tabid/317/articleID/303115/Default.aspx


What an amazing young man - very proud family - He will certainly do New Zealand very proud :-)


Just amazing. Well done. Good to see the reward after all the hard work done.


Dudes in the money for sure. Lucky bugger. Lol. Well done to him.


Very impressive, great to see him representing and linking back to nz

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