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Coca-Cola consumption link over woman's death, inquest told

The sister of a woman whose partner claimed she died because she drank too much Coca-Cola says she does not hold the company responsible. However, the woman's partner and mother-in-law say warning labels should be put on the drink. An inquest for mother-of-eight Natasha Harris was held in Invercargill yesterday. Harris died on February 25, 2010. TOO MUCH OF ANY LIQUID CAN BE DEADLY Drinking up to eight litres of any liquid a day can kill you, regardless of how much sugar or caffeine it contains, a Wellington dietician says. Foodsavvy's Sarah Elliott said that when "extreme" amounts of fluid were consumed regularly, the body's cells could rupture. "Ten litres of fluid a day could kill you, no matter what it is." Specialists recommend that humans do not drink more than four litres of liquid a day. Natasha Harris's daily intake of Coca-Cola would have given her up to a "shocking" 3424 calories and 864 grams (or 3 1/2 cups) of sugar, Elliott said. http://tvnz.co.nz/national-news/coca-cola-consumption-linked-woman-s-death-4842680?ref=newslettermorning


Wow that was a lot of soft drink per day - everything in moderation !!! The big lesson learnt here too much of a good thing (or bad) can be a killer.


Ive seen coke dissolve a nail so Imagine what it does to your insides... lol


Let’s look at the cost of drinking this much Coke. Countdown is currently selling it on special at $2.19 for 1.5l., normally $3.29 for 1.5l. That works out per day at $7.30 to $10.96 for five litres and $11.68 or $17.50 a day for eight litres. Extend the maximum costs for a week and we get $76.72 and $122.50 respectively; Per year at 52 weeks - a massive $3,989.44 to $6,370 for five to eight litres a day! I mean, realistically, working or not, how could this young woman (aged 30) afford this habit? What’s more, she had eight children aged under twelve! She was also reported to be a heavy smoker. Natasha’s sister says “They didn’t live the best lives, but Tasha always put her kids first… they never went without food or anything like that” - but what about good parenting and setting an example to those eight kids. (Tasha’s) family is convinced her Coca-Cola consumption played a part in her death - and they say the popular drink should carry warning signs. The family are hoping to obtain compensation from Coca-Cola for the children, who were now in care. They may not have been on the bottles but from what I have read, there were plenty of warning signs something was wrong however. It’s just very, very sad. Obviously we all sympathise with this family, but why can’t people take responsibility for themselves and their loved ones rather than blaming others all the time. Even drinking water to this excess could have caused death.

$4k-$6k isn't that much in the scheme of things... there are way more expensive addictions...!!

but I agree - people can't claim ignorance and should take some responsibilities. Anyone in their right mind would realise drinking that much soft drink is not good for your health


Water was always cheaper than Coke, but 10 litres a day can be a killer. Next they will want us to put warning notices on every tap advising not to drink too much. Too much of a good thing - everything in moderation !


Why does everyone insist on drinking so much water? It only bloats you. Eight glasses of water a day is enough. Water is not a bad thing, but listen to your body and if thirsty stay away from the soft drink.


Eight glasses of water a day is actually more than enough since most food we eat is largely made of water any way.


Gullibility, it seems abounds. We've all heard stories about Coke dissolving steak, nails etc, with people saying, 'imagine then what it does to your insides!' The truth of the matter is, nothing. It doesn't do those things. Your stomach produces Gastric acid (a cocktail of hydrochloric acid and Sodium chloride) which has a pH of about 2. Which means it will deal to Coke or any other soft drink. Sure Coke can clean a penny. But your stomach can do better. Try this, swallow a 10 cent piece and collect it later. Your stomach would have turned it into 6 cents.


Sorry but self-inflicted...nothing will be gained by wrapping people any more in state-sponsored cotton wool...if people do not want to look after themselves then this is what happens...harsh but true...


imagine how many people the woman could have helped if only she shared the coke she drank. she might still be alive and loved by many because she was a giver. she didn't care about her health and just wanted to satisfy herself. too bad...too late.

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