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Well it had to happen didn't it....... eventually. The Royal protocol's need a humungous shake-up, with their archaic views. Charles and Camilla, are well suited to each other and if it hadn't been for the 'heir to the throne MUST marry a virgin maiden', a lot of people would not have suffered like the way Princess Di did. I personally am no Royalist, but I think they have their place in their own country as ambassadors etc. New Zealand needs to cut ties to this Commonwealth business, it is old enough to stand on it's own two feet. My prediction for the Royal Family in England, things will remain the same and nothing will change until William becomes Head of State. Young blood, fresh start and not before time.


Its exciting that they visited and for Prince Charles to celebrate his birthday here. NZ must really be a special country for him. But it made me think of Princess Diana. Oh so sad to what happened to the supposedly happy ever after fairy tale.


500 people gathered on Wellington waterfront to greet them. Don't understand that at all but understand that that is 500 less Wellingtonians that I want to meet!


....I still can't get over how Lady Di, was treated by the royal family and how Camilla made herself involved in Charles and Diana's relationship....and EWWW to the tampon recordings.....so for those two reasons a lone I wouldn't of rushed of to shake their hands especially Charles hand, don't know where its been.....but can understand why some people would like to meet them....I just happen to be one that is content with not meeting them.....


I think the Royal family is very popular n the UK,especially the younger Royals like Wills and Kate.NZ really put on a great show for Charles and Camilla a lot of people turned out to catch a glimpse of them which really speaks volumes as to their popularity.The debate of the Royal Family staying or going will rage on for years.But I don't seem them going any time soon.


I am not a Royal fan, and could not think of anything more boring than joining the hoardes trying to catch a glimpse, however, it is what it is, and i really do not think very much of the anti-royalist who tries to throw crap at them every time one visits. That should be left for the cowardly bstards who hurt children in this country. Must say that i was impressed with the manner in which Charles and Camilla immersed themselves in the activities while they were here, happy to shake hands, dance, kiss, have a chat... i think this would make them the most approachable Royals we have had downunder so far.


I agree with jackson, while not being a fan they have their place. I also agree with jackson's sentiments about anti-royalists; instead of trying too get yourself into a position to fling some dung at the couple, why not put your energy into trying to lobby for a constitutional change. Doing that makes a person look a lot more saner and less like a befuddled, belligerent old geriatric with nothing better to do with his time. Also had to laugh at the guy holding up a sign saying "Get a Job, Royal Bludgers"... he must have an understanding boss to allow him the morning off to go down and protest.


Charles and Camilla... not sure if Royal watching is a current event or a sport...certainly a passion for many.


Pretty harmless visitors and their visit gives grannies a reason to crank out the zimmer frames, don a hat and get out and about. So can't be a bad thing.

....lol...high tea anyone....yes the grannies would have definitely been swooning when Charlie made his appearance I wonder if Camilla made some of the older gents hearts miss a beat perhaps?...


amen kim! - i can take or leave the royals - good for a tourist attraction but not much else. however, i do think charles is a spineless wonder and think he and camilla screwed di over hugely.

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