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Charles and Camilla Visit......

I see that Prince Charles and Camilla are in NZ at the moment out and about braving the rain in Auckland.I didn't realize but Prince Charles, is Air Commodore and Commander in Chief of the Royal New Zealand Air Force. I really am not a big Royalist and don't see what all the fuss is about.Are we really big Royalist in NZ?


Can't get past his comment he wanted to be a tampon

......and I am sure ONE'S Royal subjects saw Red after that


Yeah that comment about the tampon was gross, thanks for reminding me about it :) I really have no interest in the royals so don't care what they do, but I do think Camilla gets a bit of a raw deal and no I am not drunk.


Royal pack of miscreants...father like son. The most effort i'd go to, to see these over privileged prats is accidentally changing channels. Bring on the republic i say and stop funding royal ridiculousness.


they didnt ask to be born into the royal family - it just happened an theyre doing the best they can given the environment they were born into - compared with some of the evil potentates around or some of the self interested ones - the commonwealth is lucky I say - feel sorry for them


What erks me the most, is this is a tax payer funded business trip for the Crown. One of the key reasons for their visit was to talk to rural farmers and investigate new sheep breeds. Read this. http://www.stuff.co.nz/manawatu-standard/news/7941347/Royal-countdown-for-Feilding The Crown has a wide portfolio of rural investments which Charles is actively interested in. He is not a silly man and wealth generation is key to maintaining status of the Royal family. Below is an excerpt from The Crown Estate financials.... Active asset management again led to a good performance from the rural estate, where we delivered an impressive total return of 19.5 per cent. Overall, revenue rose by 0.8 per cent to £25.9 million and the portfolio valuation by 13.3 per cent to £1.2 billion. Reading this I feel as a tax payer a little aggrieved. If anybody else had tax payer funded business trip, they might face criminal charges. Britain still i see makes good use of it's colonies for their own capital gain. When land is too obvious, go for an Intellectual Property shopping trip care of you and I. Btw lovely haircut Camilla...


I saw Camilla at the horse racing . She came 2nd by a long nose to Sarah Jessica Parker!


The sooner we become a republic the better, instead of paying for the Queen and her family to live the life of riley.


I'm not a royalist but I would love to have a weekend away with Prince Harry in Vegas. Sounds like he knows how to party and he attracts quality trim. As for Charles and Camilla if people want to see and meet them, each to there own.


At least these days you can critisize the royals and not be charged with treason and hung.


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