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Celebrity treatment?

Interested in peoples thoughts on the recent goings on with the charges laid against Julian Savea. He has not been sidelined for the upcoming weekends game for the Hurricanes with a spokesperson (possibly coach) saying on the radio this morning that 'anyone else in the situation would still go to work on Friday" While that statement is fair, in this case where you have a high profile individual that is looked up to by younsters and was even part of a campaign against domestic violencee examples should be made.


Give him the book, to the fullest extent of the law. Rugby players in particular get away with far too many shenanigans. They're always getting themselves into trouble with their drinking and violence. We need to put a stop to this unacceptable behaviour once and for all. If some see them as 'role models' then it's no wonder society is how it is...


Such a shame that this young talented man has put himself in this situation.Especially after putting himself forward as a face for an anti violence campaign. But Julian Savea's ocupation is not a normal 9 to 5 job like most people have. He is part of the public eye and his it's our young aspiring rugby players that will look up to him. Julian Savea's behavior is completely unexceptable and should defiantly be put in the naughty corner and stood down from playing rugby for at least a few weeks.


Afew things havent come out yet, like was alcohol involved, the charge was less serious not being Man assults Woman but common assult, so is there something in that. Did she bash him back (I bloody hope so!). I also believe the NZRFU need to step up abit more and lay decent foundations to teach these young guys how to deal with the pressures of being a household name. End of the day there is no excuse for it and he should be dealt with by the Justice system like everyone else, however no one else would lose their job for this so I dont believe he should either. Look at the stupid stuff Zac Guildford has gotten away with and he is still on the field.


First you have to take who he is out of the equation. If it was just young player from the local rugby club, there would be no such sanctions. How many other males who have (maybe) done exactly what Savea has done and not had their livlihood stripped from them by rabid nosey parkers. If you want to carry on down this line then you need to legislate that every male in a similar situation must loose their jobs until court is either over, or the victim whitdraws their complaint or it is disproven. Then what? Any punishment must be meted out by the District Court, not the court of public opinion.

Absolutely correct...if anything he should be allowed to seek damages from those who called from his being stood-down...


Hes human and humans make mistakes i dont think he should be hung over the coals but there does need to be punishment made.Look at what actor celebrities get away with.


America is far worse with the their lack of justice to their celebs!!


I think we will continue to give more special treatment to celebrities as we get more opened up to the world. With more foreign dollars sponsoring things, it means that everything is not as simple.


Id hate to be a celebrity!! If I was I'd like to turn it off or a while so you could live a normal life but get the perks when I wanted to.


Must be hard when young coming into fame - struggle to not let it get to your head and keep your feet down to earth.

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