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Cannabis more dangerous than tobacco, says report

An article in Thursdays Herald stated that Cannabis smoking poses a 20-times greater risk for lung cancer per cigarette then tobacco smoking yet most users of the drug are unaware of its dangers, The British Lung Foundation report says. The average puff on a cannabis joint is two-thirds larger and is held four times longer than the average tobacco cigarette. This is where the danger lies and young people don’t seem to be aware of this.




Well, yes but so is driving 60 km/hr in a suburban street but everyone still does it. I guess the more young people know about the risks involved in the activitiies they are likely to engage will mean that they can make informed decisions. Not a bad thing.


I just read a report entirely to the contrary, that said that smoking one joint a day does not increase your risk of lung cancer AT ALL. And, I think the fact that it relaxes you probably makes you prone to less disease on the whole. In fact, I think smoking pot is probably the answer to the whole worlds prayers! "Shall we invade Iraq today then?" "Naaaa, man, just chill. Pass the chips"


Yeah, probably not many people chain smoke cannabis so the lung thing is probably not an issue. But the numbing of brain cells is.

Lets look at the math here, what we are saying is smoking one cannabis cigarette a day causes the same damage to your lungs as 20 tobacco cigarettes, and as a bonus it kills brain cells mmmmmmmmm.


"When you're green inside, you're clean inside." Dr. Bernard Jensen. Doesn't sound quite right in this case


Myth: Permanent brain damage is one of the inevitable results of the use of marijuana. The Truth: While other drugs like methamphetamine do kill brain cells marijuana has no such effect. Actually it has been recently proven to cause regeneration of brain cells which in it self was previously though impossible. LOTS of studies supporting this. http://loopylettuce.wordpress.com/2010/01/19/marijuana-myth-marijuana-kills-brain-cells/ So put THAT in your pipe and smoke it!


Sorry l certainly wouldn't encourage my kids to use cannabis no matter what information you have to say its safe. Its all about quality of life when you are struggling with emphysema or tuberculosis., don't blame anyone else.


If you search hard enough you will always find contradicting academic researches because no research can be comprehensive enough that it covers all people and identifies all possible factors. So depends on how the study is conducted, what methodology is used, what people were involved in the studies and what their preconditions are - you can repeat the same experiment and get completely opposite results. So the proponents of cannabis are unlikely to change their minds because some studies suggest there is a higher likelihood of getting cancer. It wouldn't change the opponents' usage habits either (presumably none or very little) so whether people are aware of the studies probably won't make a lot of difference.


......lol there are more dangerous things than cannabis in this world.....and not all research is 100% definitive.....I don't do either.....but no that both are pretty bad, but on the scale of things.....there are dangerous substances etc....in life.....best defense is probably being informed and making a decision for yourself.....

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