Discussing :: Bullrush is back!


Bullrush is back!

What do you think about the old game we know & love making a comeback?


yuss this is awesome now i can run around schools and knock kids over leagally.......i think


...lol Bull Rush my brothers loved to play it.....we weren't allowed to play when boys were cause it was full on contact and my brothers didn't want me and my sisters getting hurt...but when we use to play with the other girls it was awesome


Great fun game, always keen


I loved this game at primary. But then the PC brigade said it was bad and they banned it. So happy its coming back!


Wow this brings back memories


I have fond memories of never getting picked then getting trampled as a six year old , I want to play now at 44 and get some revenge


Boys, Girls, Young and Old glad this game is making a comeback. Didn't know a kid on the block who didn't like it!


Most excellent news! Totally enjoyable past time - really did make the day fast, yes the odd injury, but hey no worse than football, rugby


Nose bleeds & grazes. Hell yeah! Nothing but App this & that these days.

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