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Blood Donations - do yo give!

Spotted this story in the Herald yesterday. Grains of rice have been genetically modified by Chinese scientists so they produce a key component of human blood, in an attempt to supplement blood donations. The protein, extracted from rice plants containing human genes, could be used in hospitals to treat burn victims and help patients who have suffered severe blood loss. Most people are against genetically modified food, but l think in this case it is for the good of the people. I give blood regularly, l'm Rh Negative which is valuable as it can be given to anyone. Last year a story came out where scientists made a break through and now can change Blood Polarity, which will also help with the short fall of supply. Nobody likes needles, but how many on this site give blood l wonder? As a reward you get a cuppa & chocolate biscuits.

i think you need to spend less time online and more time watching the new transformers :P

...what's that got to do with giving blood donations?.....

Arrrrrrrr Ashh some negative feedback, maybe you need a joke to cheer you up :(

(A man gives blood to save his wife, but after they split up he says gimme my blood back b****,
she throws him a tampon and says "l'll pay you back monthly u b******") :)

Yeah thanks watched Transformers on the weekend, good movie. Thank you for your thoughful comment. LOL

Only 5% of New Zealand's adult population donate blood, yet over 80% of the population will need blood components or products at some time in their lifetime.

Blood donors are always needed. You may wish to become a blood donor or you may be asked by patients or their family for more information.

The following are some of the criteria that apply if you wish to donate blood:

First time donors must be between 16 and 60 years of age.
Weigh at least 50 kg
Are in good health
Have not lived in the United Kingdom, France or Ireland between 1980 and 1996 for 6 months or more


Yeah I give blood though have not been in about a year now as the last two times they came to town I happened to be sick both of them :(


i dont i know i should but after being brutalised by a doctor taking blood in england when i had malaria and chicken pox at the same time i hate it. realise no one could be as bad as he was but one of those childhood things!


...I use to give blood or the time....until I was in the US and had a bad experience with giving blood there and have never since then.....now that I am back home...I may start doing so again....


A little discomfort and your donation is turned into three transfusions l believe. Got to be worth it!

....Yeah I don't mind giving it but I still hate the way that nurse probed me in the US lol.....but back home will drag friends and partner along with me so we can all do it together and I will feel more comfortable....


I have a needle phobia which I know is irrational so I try and help in other ways, such as raising money for child cancer every year. Silly really, but I was butchered as a child, then again when I arrived in NZ and due to bungling by the immigration dept, needed to do 7 sets of blood tests. I now feint at the sight of a needle, haha.

...nothing wrong with that.....there was a certain time after the probing in the US that I had a phobia to needles.....so everyone to their own I say....


I would not mind giving blood but whenever it comes to the time I am either distracted, not told, or was too late to put my name down, havent given blood just yet but I am wanting too though. I want to help those that need it.


Is it like being on the jury, do it once and they pester you for life?


I used to do it regularly too, until a bad experience. I should do it again


I tried to give after the CHCH earthquake because they said on the news that blood was needed but I got there and queued with heaps of people only to be told they didn't need blood and we could sign up and make an appointment. Never did get around to it but should.


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