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Black Caps are still awesome

The Black Caps are now an awesome team.

Agree. I'll always support them no matter what happens.
Look at our player base comapred to that of India.
It's amazing that we can ever get anywhere near them.
They do alright, considering.


Only when they get their heads in the game & keep focussed!


They certainly show they are a class act in the limited over versions. The test matches are another story. Something missing there at the moment. But Kiwis are a resilient bunch and the team will find the form again.


Cricket in NZ will not improve to the required level until they improve the domestic game. The gulf between our domestic level and international is far too big compared with England, Australia or SA. The jump is too big for some we need to be able to attract overseas players into our four day cricket not just the T20 stuff, we need talent to play against week in week out, at present most top players do even play much domestic cricket so how will the next level improve if they are not being tested. But winning one day series is a good start and should be seen as a great achievement.


Huge fan of the team and always will be. I think the good thing about not having high expectations for them is that when they do perform, it's a bonus. I like to follow the individual's and it feels great when they come good. with the 1.8 million or whatever it is being injected into the development, we may start seeing results. but we gotta play tests. tests tests tests..that'll bring the skills along.


look how awesome they have been this test. batting over two days for a draw.


Let's be realistic. The Blackcaps are very inconsistent. If they were on a small retainer, and a large performance bonus I think their attitude would improve overnight. At the moment they treat it like a sinecure and get the $$$ without performing week in week out. Unfortunately there is not the depth in the domestic game to have decent competition for places in the squad hence the prevalence of mediocrity. For example, Southee and Boult playing wishful thinking shots when their team needed them to knuckle down to avoid the follow on, seeing that live at the Basin made me wonder why the brain cell count in NZ cricket is low. I'm hoping for smarter play at Eden Park but I'm not holding my breath.


we need a weather low not a low in NZ cricket


I think Brendon being captain has been great for team.


yeah i think there still going good

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