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Bear Grylis- A role model?

Is this guy a role model for our kids or is he just another adrenalin junkie/ thrill seeker. He's coming to NZ so what makes him stand out from the rest. Are you planning to spend money going to see him and why?


Hell yeah he is a role model, even more so in new zealand! He exemplifies that 'can do, embrace life including all its challenges' type of spirit that I've come to think of as the kiwi way. Leeegend!


He's one tuff dude alright, great role model. I guess he will talk about drinking our own urine as a last resort to stay alive, sounds appetising, well maybe not.


Yea for sure he is a great example of what you can achieve if you put your mind to it but i still question how much of it has been hollywoodinised (brand new word).


I don't know much about him myself, but if you want to know how to survive in the wild he's your man to get some tips off I guess.


if his show was real I would definitely think he would be a great role model, check out this video it shows just how fake it is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3UpSlpvb1is


Whilst i wouldn't go so far as to label him a role model ( a lot goes on behinds the scenes we do not see) i would say that he is inspirational in that he is living life, having fun, taking risks and experiencing all that he can. I would go and see him, i do kind of like the guy.


...the real role model is his camera man....the guy has to climb, slide, jump and crawl across different terrain with a camera....yes Bear is good but this guy has to capture it all on the run too.....


He gives some good tips on how to survive out there which is cool esp if you're in the same situation and you remember his tips.


WTF is a Grylis?

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