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Australia to win the Rugby World Cup

Australia are rated number 2 team in the world, they are paying $4.50 at the TAB to win and have the best backs of all the teams. All the pressure is on the All Blacks and they do tend to choke when it comes to RWC. Deano will have his team all ready and primed come October 23. This is going to be like the 1991 & 2003 RWC. You heard it here first and this will be up for another 4 years lol


yeah oz does have that killer instint, that we seem to lack


AB's will do it this time, OZ cant even beat Samoa. At home we cant loose!! GO ALL BLACKS!!

C'mon Aaron, the only thing the ABs will be winning this year is the Tri Nations and Bledisloe like every other year. So Aussie tripped up over Samoa, that won't happen for another few decades or till the IRB stop running the Pacific Nations teams over.


the only thing aussies r winning is mayb the second place or some free beers .I dont care if they are no 2 or no 1 because the kiwis r lifting the world cup this year . MARK MY WORDS!!!!!!!


There's no chance they'll win here on our turf. Not on home ground for our guys. Mind you, I have my doubts that we're going to win too...


yeah right



Only six games for nz before we get to 'the final' of the RWC. Assuming nz and aus win all games we will see them only meet in the final match. It could just be the winner takes all. I might just hedge bets on both i'm that confident.

Well it would be nice, but I'm not holding my breath.


After tonights show down i'm shutting my wallet on aus. Not sure how the northern hemisphere teams are shapping up?


AB's have peaked too early once again, i mean where to from the AB's here. Australia will be much better from this lesson and if not from the knock on try by sitivatu, aussie were still right up there. u don't want to get the refs calls during this game, you want it in the finals lol.

Who says they've peaked? I think the best is yet to come....


Didn't see too many bad calls. What did you disagree with?

the sitivatu try was knocked on by Conrad Smith when he went up to get the ball from the kickoff, but the ref didn't call it. and okay the ref didn't see the forward passes from quade cooper, but they're always gonna let those go cos of the angles he uses. the ABs showed Cooper up big time, but he won't be letting that happen again, and Deano should be better for it. Still picking the Aussies to win lol. James O'Connor isn't going to be kicking that woefully again either, not at the RWC anyway. excuses excuses i hear you say...lol

Sacrilege! Someone tie that man up, throw him in the back of a van and drive him to Bluff!


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