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Lack of Class! They are sore loosers who think that being from a bigger country makes them the bigger winners which clearly is not always the case, proud to be a Kiwi and a fair one at that!


I think we all know that they are cocky but still good anyway


Aussies just got a real spanking from Sri Lanka 'because they can't play spin' according to the Aussie commentator. The Aussies have gone downhill from the Border/Waugh era so the Ashes look set to be in English hands for a while


Australian cricketers are great sledgers and gloat when they win. I love it when they are beaten.


Aussie cricketers are brash and arrogant. I prefer England - hope they win the Ashes


Depends on the situation sometimes its just good banter and other times in my opinion they go to far


Australian cricketers have always been brash and are well known for sledging. They are also very good cricketers - looks like they will win the Ashes?


Aussies are good at cricket because they will do anything they can to win - whether it is within the rules is a good question


I have a love-hate relationship with the Australian cricket team. On the one hand, the Aussies' are arrogant, whiny, do not play the game in the right spirit, confrontational, and have an annoying one-eyed commentary team.

In saying that, due to the reasons mentioned above; beating them gives me so much pleasure and satisfaction. There is no better feeling as a fan when our unheralded, less talented Blackcaps overcomes the favourites in a tight contest. Victories against the Aussies are the most memorable.

Moreover, I really respect the skills of the Aussies and admire how they still remain competitive despite the retirements of Ponting, McGrath, Gilchrist, and Warne.


Well said PArry i totally agree with you on those points. Its so satisfying seeing the Blackcap's dominate them


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