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Aussies in Cricket

Thoughts on how the Aussies conduct themselves in cricket. Is it good old fashioned banter or do they really just lack any sort of class?


O'h so ruthless, but good


They will use anything to get an advantage and win as long as its within the rule book or not covered by the rule book.eg underarm bowling, sledging, or deporting refugees


As an ex-social cricket player, I heard the Aussie mantra was "don't walk unless you have to"


The Aussies are great competitors in cricket, too bad New Zealand beats them in rugby.


Aussie cockiness has always irritated the more down to earth kiwis but it definitely works for them, they won't give a toss what anyone else thinks anyway. With match fixing allegations going on, I don't think a bit of sledging is that bad


Australian cricketers have always been brash and cocky. I think they let us win sometimes and then the next time they thump us. Brings us back to reality the hard way. .


Keen for the Black Caps to deliver in the upcoming Chappell/Hadlee series. It would be good to get a couple of wins to see McCallum off in style. I've booked my test ticket at the Basin to see just that. The banter and sledging seems more abusive than humourous these days.


Looks like Aust. will win tonight. They seem to be able to handle Kane Williamson. Unfortunately


Great the Black Caps won the Chappell/Hadlee ODI series though the last game did raise questions about conduct from both sides with some sledging, obvious swearing - didn't have to be a lip reader to see what the Aussie batsman said when he walked off - plus real competitiveness from both sides. Makes me keen for the two tests starting tomorrow.

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