Discussing :: Are the teachers of New Zealand really the ones that need to be meeting higher standards?


I don't think teachers of NZ need to be meeting higher standards as such, but they do need to have standards to work towards. At any given time, you will find MANY teachers that are well exceeding our expectations, but at the same time, there are also plenty that aren't meeting our expectations and fall way below. The teachers that exceed, are obviously the ones that love their jobs. I think in general, teachers in NZ do an excellent job already. My experience of school so far, as a parent has been mixed. I originally put my girl (who is now 8) in the local school, despite a bad ero report as I wanted her to make friends with the local kids, and didn't want to be a 'school snob' where nothing was good enough for my girl... But after a year or so, I was not satisfied with the school, the current teacher she had, the lack of communication from them and the lack of what they could offer. We then took her out of that school and into another, which she catches the bus for and all her friends live miles away. But it's worth it. The school is lead by an awesome principal, who makes an effort with the children and parents, they have HEAPs of activities for the children and everything is well comunicated. Although it's a hassle with her friends when it comes to playdates etc, I am glad I made the switch, she is now a lot happier going to school, can get involved in many activities and loves her teachers.


Maybe we need to be setting some standards for parents. There is a bit more to it than just kicking the kids out of the house to school each day and hoping they stay out of trouble til after work (regardless of socio-economic level!) Parents should be engaging with their children over their schooling and that's not just cracking the compliance whip for completing homework each night.


As a recent student I would have to say both, but then again it is pretty hard for teachers to get anything done if the kids don't want to learn


I think it's both teachers and pupils do, but mainly i think we need a curriculum for our times, we also have to find A way to encourage our children to do well, all of this can be difficult when the jobs are not there at the end of it all.a friends son was doing well until told that his hopes for the future should be getting to a level where he could understand the ads on tv and not worry about working in tv, so he left school, worked for13.50 an hour, cleaned st another 3 jobs and went to Sydney got an apprenticeship as sound and lighting engineer., we've got to make our children to be able to achieve what is possible


We living in a busya nd fast world. I think education needs an overhaul. Would be nice to see more subjects introduced as core subjects such as robotics, web design, budgeting and finance. Most teachers are doing a great job but kids get bored, classes are too big and both parents are holding down jobs . I hate the current national standards and think its a waste of time. My son is two years above his reading level but this only grts a B! Hows that?


My daughter is a teacher and the hours of planning and extra work that she puts in over and above the time she spends in the classroom are just endless. I enjoyed the piece on Seven Sharp the other night about the new age school that's just been built in Hingaia Peninsula. It made me want to go and buy a house (if I could afford one that is) in Karaka Harbourside Estate just to get my 9 year old in zone. As a boy he struggles with sitting at a desk and learning but their approach was so interactive and modern he would love school everyday!


It is long past time that parents started to pull their weight instead of dumping it all off on teachers and if that means that mum or dad need to start spending a bit more time at home then so be it...if you are not happy about the responsibility, you really need to think about it BEFORE kicking off a family...


I think most teachers I know are dedicated and hardworking and want their students to achieve. I think parents also have a role in supporting children to achieve. A bigger concern for me is how do we keep children in school and enthusiastic about learning. So many kids aged 14 are not only out of school, they have not been attending for some time. These kids are the ones falling through the cracks and if they aren't engaged in learning what are they up to, and what does the future hold for them. Sadly it is hard trying to get them back to school as by then they are too far behind I their learning and can't keep up opting again to truant and fall further and further behind. The community needs to figure out what we should do to support these kids with alternative learning or something not to meet national standards but to learn some basic skills to cope I thievery day world.


I think that there are some (please not I said some not all) teachers that get burnt out and set in their ways, don't like change and are generally grumpy. It spoils it for new teachers who come in with good ideas and want to inject some life back into the classroom. I think raising the standards could result in more grumpy teachers, but the new teachers are probably keen to set the bar a little higher. Higher Standards normally means more stress and stress can be very destructive. Low self esteem for those not reaching those higher standards. It's really a bit of a no win situation someones not going to happy about it.


How are these standards measured... Be careful how you do this,..,, we all know how the national standards is really accurate....!!! Not.

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