Discussing :: Are the teachers of New Zealand really the ones that need to be meeting higher standards?


Teachers are our next role models besides our parents and family.


Hmm but if a teacher decided to leave their job, what else would they possibly do as a substitute? Believe me, not all teachers are dedicated to their job... I had a few back in high school where they gave the students text books and sat at their desk for the entire lesson without teaching anything. Ask them a question and they had to look up a book for the answer. On the other hand there are those who are there for their students and go the extra mile after school hours. Personally, if it was just an everyday job that I wasn't being paid properly for, I would leave. However if it were a career like a teaching job, I would probably be patient and hope the system gets remedied.


i would hate to be a teacher.....too much people to try and please and your held accountable for alot.


I work for a school and the teachers are at a fantastic level! Although I can't comment on other schools. Teachers work their butts off - it's not a 9am to 3pm job like some think it is, some of my friends have their weekends chewed up too with the co-curricular things that they must do, add in the hours afterschool preparing/marking ect....The classes are huge and the students demanding. Don't knock it until you have done it!


Truely one of the most under-rewarded vocations in the world. Too many people seem to be on the bandwagon denigrating these dedicated overworked and underpaid professionals who now have no authority in their own classrooms and are under constant harassment from both inside and outside their profession. Children are growing up way too fast now so to treat them as kids is both farcical and an unnecessary strain on the education industry.


There will always be good and gooder (just to show I keep a sense of humour) teachers as is in any situation in life. I have been to 12 different schools in two different countries (damn military), and I can say NZ teachers are great. I still had some dogs but mostly great.


I read on stuff yesterday that a teacher resigned after a vid clip of porn was shown to his class. I was disgusted!! When I was at school my class was only shown "To Sir with Love"!! hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehhe


Looking back I had good teachers. Although I got into a lot of trouble at school, I calmed down and enjoyed it. It was the teachers that turned me around. Or was that just when they were shoving me out the door?


There are good and bad employees in every occupation.


Like all professions there are good and bad ones. I think most teachers (and nurses, doctors etc) feel that it's a calling for them and more than just a job. Both students and teachers need to try their best and realise that for many students their years at school are the only preparation they have for 'real' life. I still can't understand why they are going to work when they are not getting paid but I am damn glad they are. Novopay is a total disaster and when/if it ever gets sorted and they backpay those that are missing out - they should also pay interest and compensation.

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