Discussing :: Are the teachers of New Zealand really the ones that need to be meeting higher standards?


Are the teachers of New Zealand really the ones that need to be meeting higher standards?

As a teacher I was reflecting a few days ago on the current situation in the education sector. It came to my attention very quickly that the teachers of NZ, are hard working, loyal and passionate about what they do. Last night around the dinner table with friends I asked the following question ... "If you hadn't been paid properly for over three months, would you still go to work?". These friends all work in a variety of fields (pharmaceuticals, energy production, public relations etc.), and all of them replied with a very firm NO... So I put this question out there, if our teachers are not getting our students to meet the standard, is it through lack of motivation? passion? or dedication to our profession? I personally would have to say no... Being one of these underpaid teachers, I know we are still going to work because we are not in it for the money but for the future of children in NZ. What are your thoughts?

I think it has a lot to do with lack of discipline in the home and at school it's as though all respect has gone , since the laws changed not for the best I don't think , a lot of the kids just don't want to be at school so you might in 80% of cases just be talking to yourself


KIDS & Teachers ''both'' need to be meeting higher standards.


I believe the standards need to be raised to enable our children to meet them. If the bar is set higher then higher standards can be reached. Kids are kids and rely on goals, guidance and support. This should come from the schools and the parents. Maybe more should be done to educate the parents on how to help the kids achieve too.


That's a toughie... not being paid for so long does make it tough for teachers, and some students may suffer if the teachers get demotivated. The teachers may actually want to do better, but they can't do much about the situation.


I think Teachers have one of the most powerful jobs in the world, as they are the educators of our future generations, however it is sad that the work they do is not justified in the wages they receive of do not receive (Novopay). I think standards go back to the people who make them at Government level and enable teachers to see the merits of higher standards for the betterment of their students


I think that, as in any profession, there are people whom perform and people who underperform. Unfortunately in our vulture media culture, you only hear about the underperformers whereas i firmly believe the vast majority of teachers are doing a really good job in tough and trying circumstances... and thats not including the Novopay debacle. What I would like to see is more parent support for teachers. There always seems to be an attitude of all care, no responsibility from a lot of parents when it come to education; like they can veto their obligation to reinforce the lessons learned in school (academic, social or otherwise). Teaching isn't a 9-5 job, it often goes on late into the evening with lesson plans and administrative work. It it also often a thankless task and has negative social stigma's attached to it. It requires patience, dedication and creativity to be a good teacher and the salary certainly doesn't match the drive and passion that goes into it. Add to this the fact we have a terrible education ministry at present, and our poor teachers are really unsupported. We should be rallying behind them and showing some love as they are doing that for our kids everyday.


As a teacher I think we are paid very well, we get many holidays, teacher only days and generally only have students from 9am to 3pm. In any job most have KPIs, sale targets, yearly apprasials, therefore so should us teachers be measured too, we are not elite. If our clients being parents or the governement what higher standards from us, bring it on, any good teacher will achieve!


A big part of the problem, is that to far too many, education is undervalued. It needs to be encouraged, and students need to take it more seriously as if it was a job, because it is. The pay off should be understood as an immediate benefit, that they are learning something new, and useful every day. My wake up moment came at the end of a school day. A person asked me what I learned. I was just going through the motions and passing time, but not paying near enough attention. I figured if I was spending that much time, I better be getting something out of it. I tried to focus on what I wanted to do with my life, and what path, and what classes i would need to get there. With that sense of purpose driving me, it became a whole lot easier, though still challenging, and rewarding.




Teachers work extremely hard and get a very bad wrap. If the government put more time, money and energy into social services we would have much more hope - it's not all up to teachers to fix everything.

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