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America's Love Affair With The Gun

I was very saddened to see Obama's Bill for more stringent background checks on gun owners soundly trounced last week. What is it with America and it's 2nd Ammendment fanaticism? Why are guns and gun ownership so intregral to their national and in many cases individual identity. When i travelled through the states 6 years back, i went into a massive sports store in Salt Lake City that had a 400 metre long wall dedicated to guns and Ammo. I asked the shop attendent why they sold hand revolvers and semi automatic pistols in a sports shop. He told me for 'legimiate hunting'. I pointed to a massive Dirty Harry style magnum hand gun that looked like it weighed about 8Kg and could probably take a limb off or pop your head like a melon and said " what would you hunt with that?" He answered with nary a pause " I would hunt rabbits with that"... they must have some pretty big fucking rabbits over there, cause this would disintigrate the rabbits we have. I'd be keen to hear from any gun owners on the forum about their views on American gun values and ethics


Jack rabbits are pretty big. If you have watched Dirty Harry, you already know part of the reason for the gun culture. Other deeply ingrained concepts include: the freedom of the West, and living in the wilderness; Protection from bears; Protection from any sort of invading force; Blasting things is fun. There are a lot of reasons, but the 2nd amendment is viewed as a guarantee.


I fit all of the criteria. American, a gun owner and embarrassed by the tragic stats that inevitably come from widespread gun ownership. As reported though, 90% of Americans want changes to the gun laws. It is the politics that continue to kill.


Unfortunately the attitudes towards gun ownership and the right to bear arms is now entrenched in the psyche of the American people and change is not just political.


In a sense though many people see guns as their protection, take that away from them and what do they have.


I don't own a gun and never would but I remember stats from the movie "Bowling for Colombine" with Michael Moore showing that Canada has way more guns per capita than the US and about a 10th of the gun related deaths. So, it's definitely a cultural shift that needs to occur and not just introducing legislation relating to access.


personal i don't like guns they are meant to be for protection but seem to do more damage than good its sad.


It's their country - why not let them run it however they want? No doubt Kiwis would be whining big time if the US started running commentary on NZ policies and laws and culture...look at all the hooha over that Danish tart recently...


It's really sad that a portion of the country with a lot of power & money can have that much power over those that want something as small as a criminal background check! Saw a bunch of signs for gun shows as I was travelling through the states... no sign of any in NYC though, which is my favourite city in the world!


I'm sorry but giving a 5 year old a real gun is just asking for trouble!

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