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I have never been a huge fan of sailing..but I must admit this Americas Cup is AWESOME ..love watching it..I am a new FAN !!!! Go Team NZ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Of course its the sport of billionaires. They are the only ones that can afford it!! I am a bit put off by the "looking down our nose's elitism" that seems to go on. We ALL put our pants on one leg at a time and NO ONE is superior to anyone else. (only richer!!)


Definitely a playground for big corporates and governments (those that already big corporates!) but who cares: it is still a damn sight more entertaining than the rubbish that would normally be filling the morning TV slots and so long as we're winning, all's good. If it was a couple of sailing wannabes like the US and Australia, it probably wouldn't even rate a mention on Campbell Live...


Cost wise to run a campaign is now becoming prohibitive, it surely is a rich mans sport.


I prefer the new boats, I was put off in 1986/87 but have found a renewed interest.


I think the spot is a little over rated.


Definitely a rich man's game but there's no denying the skill and expertise of managing these mighty beasts - I'm loving the racing.


I'm loving it but if the cup comes back to New Zealand I think they should go back to more affordable boats simply to get more countries entering.

I believe NZ if they win the cup want to make the event cheaper and smaller, that has been mentioned.
ORACLE made in Warworth NZ for 17 million and sailed by Only ONE American, how can we loose?


the tax payer has funded to many sporting events in this country. why should we be forking out in these tough times to feed the ego's of the rich.


Yes the sailing sport is expensive hobby especially if you get into the serious saling, and it would be wonderful if NZ does bring home the America's Cup. If you want to be out on the water and enjoy the atmosphere then it wont cost as much

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