Discussing :: Americas Cup - The Sport of Billionaires


the races are so exciting, i just love watching them, and am over the moon we won the LV cup, , i knew our guys could do it, amazing sailors, a great sport one that many can enjoy watching


Essentially in my view the whole thing is a giant money pit, not a sport for me to view.


Got to have something that billionaires can spend lavish amounts of money on, just to create a few jobs here and there. We probably need to come up with more events for billionaires to spend money on.


I will not watch any race. But I will be downtown if it comes back here. However it just doesn't seem like a sport to me.


These things do my head in. Sure, fantastic, beautifully engineered big catamarans, but as they have said this is the life of swanky parties rubbing shoulders with billionaires who think they are superior to others due to the size of their bank accounts. These days the truely rich are buying themselves experiences that others cannot. Its not so much about the tiys but what you can experience and the billionaires club want to experience holding the America's Cup aloft and rewriting the rules cause very few people can experience that.


I am loving the races. I think that it is fantastic that little NZ can be so competitive with countries that have a lot more money behind them. The races are proving to be so close and nerve wracking. Our guys are doing so well and think the whole country should be proud. The shorter races this time are a big improvement and makes it a lot more exciting.


Oh it is definitely a sport for the rich but I think its awesome having the NZ team do so well, hopefully they can win it.


It's starting to look like a walk over :)


It's an interesting sport. I don't know of any others where you can change the rules by being the winner. I think we definitely need to involve more countries instead of just two. It would increase the revenue. I love the look of the big boats, but I have no idea about what else it changes for the sport.


Up until race 10, I did think the racing was a bit boring but the closeness and lead changes in this race were great. Yes, it is a billionaires sport but if the boats are pretty equal in technology, at least it will come down to the skill of the crew in the end. Thank goodness NZ has those big sponsers like Emirates!

Boring is always best, the bigger the winning margin the bigger the grin :))


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