Discussing :: Americas Cup - The Sport of Billionaires


Definitely the sport of billionaires. Such as shame as it has taken away having more competitors and more competition. Now is boring.


Well in the case of Oracle USA one could say a cheating Billionaire!


to quick prefer it when the race took longer least you had a chance to fix minor stuff if it arose


I'm enjoying watching the challenges. Like most professional sport there's plenty of money to be made but don't let that stop you getting your kids involved cause one day they their talents might be uncovered and they to may be selected to join the Billionaires boys club.


I was surprised to find out that my 93 year old grandma had been watching all the races. It really does seem to be rich white man's sport. My Grandma was saying the boats are so high tech and go so fast it really takes a lot to keep them going and keep everyone onboard so I guess it would make interesting viewing. I'll pass though!


Perhaps a rich man's sport, but they are impressive to watch nonetheless.


Yes, I agree! They are very impressive but at any time just a nanosecond from disaster at those speeds!


Its good but only when we are winning, which we are!!! Great, bring it back to NZ and bring all the $$$$ with them!!!


NZ not really a country of billionaires and yet our sailors are there competing with outstanding skills (not just on the kiwi boat) and proving our ability to keep coming up with amazing technological concepts. Just really enjoying watching it!


Great news people, we just won the LV Cup. Next up is Oracle. I think we have a good shot of bringing it back this time though we have yet to see Oracle compete, but 7-1 in the LV Cup is pretty convincing if you ask me.

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