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Americas Cup - The Sport of Billionaires

Thae AC72 Catamarans being used in the 2013 Americas Cup certainley look impressive The speed gives a bit of wow factor and from the armchair it looks like it really tests the skills of those on board. But is this really a competion of international proportions or just a playground for Billionaires? Should Team NZ win then should they rewrite the rule book and bring back the big boats such as we saw with Black Magic? Would it make it open it up again to more competitors? What do you think?


The AcC72 is definitely impressive. I'm a fan of the new catamarans! They are pushing boundaries, developing new technologies and racing on the edge of there performance boundaries. This in turn has captured a new generation of spectators and couch viewers. Development costs are very expensive but as time goes on the cost of production will go down. The monohulls average speed was around 25knots compared to the cat easily reaching speeds of 40+knots. What would you rather watch around a race track Suzuki swifts or v8 supercars?


The boats are very impressive with the all the technology and money thrown at them. I just don't find it as interesting as motor sports, team sports, or tiddlywinks. I would watch the final race if we were in it I suppose, but just because it's us.


The AC-72 is a marvel in engineering, and makes for entertaining sport. My only beef is that it is so expensive; I know I know, the $36 million the government gave wasn't out of sports funding, and I know someone will jump in and say "But the revenue we'll make if the Cup returns here!"; I just feel the money the government put in could be better spent elsewhere.


Yes, the new boats are amazing to watch (I'm the first to admit that my jaw dropped when I first saw it rise out of the water) but the competition is nothing like it used to be. The single-hulled boats of years ago were cheaper, and not as fast, but seem to be the true spirit of what the America's Cup has been ever since it first ran in 1851. Then again, technological advances happen in every sport, so why not this.


It's an impressive sport - just like formula 1 or something like that. Might take a bit more background appreciation based on knowledge from sailors but it's still a sport. It does have the sport of the rich symbol but so does Formula 1 or any top-level sport for that matter. The top always want to mingle with the top. Especially if it's about being bigger or faster.


Yep you gotta be rich to be in this sport


Maybe it is a rich man's sport. That doesn't make the boats and the racing any less impressive does it? And if Team New Zealand should win the cup brace yourselves for a rush of national pride.


But i's seriously boring compared to pro surfing.... and surfboards are way cheaper & anyone can do it....


Yachts you used to see them being built in peoples back yards, not so much these days. At this level of competition only the slickest team and the best reliable design is going to win. Americas Cup wow you have to hand to them these guys are living on the edge, one mistake or major gear failure can lead to death, the speed they get up to is so impressive. Back the Kiwis and lets hope we take it away for the big boys again. I will be watching every race.

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