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All aboard the Warriors bandwagon!

BUCKLE UP!!!! The Warriors bandwagon is fixed and once again taking all fair weather supporters on another rollcoaster NRL trip! That's 4 in a row and the last 2 have been against 2 of the heavy weights of the NRL. After they got smashed by Penrith, people were putting the boot in but they are now back on the bandwagon. Kiwi's love to back winners but really we should "Keep the Faith" . My partner has and is loving life at the moment and while I'm not a fan of theirs I had to admit last night, that it was a top win. I'm still waiting for Liverpool to raise from the ashes........


GO BIG MANU! Shut the gate, the horse has bolted! GO YOU GOOD THING! Yeah I'll put my hand up and admit I was kicking them when they were down 4 weeks ago after they got mauled and devoured by the Panthers. Great Defence last night and I was jumping up and down when the boys got there run aways! I think I pulled a hamstring too!? Can I please have a ticket on the Warriors bandwagon?


A good kicking when you are down should be construed as constructive criticism and used as a catalyst to an improvement in performance and attitude. Too much molly-coddling would have left the Warriors in the doldrums and relecting on past glories. One of the better turnarounds in NZ sport for a long while and the psyche of the average Kiwi sports fan is much the better for it. On the game- the performance of the team was outstanding and the tries exhillirating but the one moment that nailed the game was Johnson's chase and tackle from way behind of a flying Jenning's- will stand as a season highlight- maybe THE season highlight regardless of what is to come.


My partner and I have been staunch supporters of the Warriors since they started in 95 even through the highs and lows we always keep the faith and believe in our boys, cause when they are at their best they are lethal.....I am glad they are playing well and even when they are not I will mumble to myself and then get over it and wait for the next game.....go the mighty WARRIORS!....always and yes WG that tackle on Jennings was awesome and the run away by fish.....we have a bye this week if I remember correctly.....


the warriors have won this season against some of the top sides so they must be doing something right. as a supporter it does hurt when they are constantly bagged by the media. the warriors are always top entertainment. so go you mighty warriors, keep up the good work.


Still plenty of tickets left to get on the band wagon....Go you little and huge Konrad Hurrell but lucky you scored because they would have if the pass was a little higher. It's Watership down this Sunday! Rabbit stew is on the menu! YUM YUM!


I just about gave up my warriors jersey, glad I didn't "Go the Mighty Warriors"


This is always the case with the Warriors, sucks to say but there are a lot of part time warriors supporters, it would be great if they could be consistent supporters.


I'm still riding the Warriors bandwagon, thanks for the ticket by the way, Massive game this weekend against the Rabbbits in perth. As long as they show fight and push GI ( I have a unhealthy man crush on him) and smash the Burgess boys it should be a cracker!


Supported them when they were down and support them more than ever now that they're on the up! I feel like I'm watching a brand new team now. There's a quiet confidence about them now that was before stained with embarrassment and despair. They are becoming one of the most exciting teams to watch in NRL. Unpredictable at times, with legs & kisses for miles (talkin' about you Hurrell) and smooth plays that are putting them in contention for a top 8 spot. If they can grab a win against the Rabbits this weekend then this bandwagon will go off the roof. GO WARRIORS!!!


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