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Abstain for the Blacks

Yeah 'go telecom' remind me i'm married........


I thought the campaign was for the ABs to abstain??? WTF, as if I'm going to 'tug my own' for a month and a half so I can watch a collapse in the (god forbid) semi finals... just kidding, when the ABs win the final I'm sure there will be enough punani to make up for a few weeks of miss palmer and her 5 friends..


Not sure, but me thinks abstainance might be going without. i remember a high school coach who was quite serious when he said our aggression/energy levels would benefit if we abstained for 3 days before a sporting event. it did seem to work....


Sorry Ab's but if the wife is offering me some action which is outside my birthday, christmas, our anniversary, her being sober than I'm gonna have to take it! Abstaining's for quitters!


i'm sure telecoms gonna 'get some' over this campaign...... Here's the next Tui billboard. 'NZ 100% sex free'

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I really don't think any of this is actually going to effect the outcome of any rugby game, in any way...

Quote from someone: "I'm getting mixed messages from the All Blacks sponsors. First Adidas told us to go fuck ourselves. Now we are being told not to?"

No, I think you're absolutely right. However, as a subject for discussion and general piss taking, it does seem to be working!

How did you get the picture in? I keep getting "invalid" image. it's just a 200k jpg?

Maybe there's a size limit, I'm not sure. Mine was a 100k png but I've had jpg work too.

Thanks Fiona. finally work. had to resize it in Microsoft Picture Manager.

Size limit is 350k, must be pilot error barnes10.

yeap, it was a fault between the keyboard and the back of the chair.

I like that. Going to file that away for later use.


We need more aggression and energy? As spectators? What for? They don't even let you do the Mexican wave any more, so I'm sorry, anyone telling me to leave the missus alone would have to do some pretty serious convincing before I would take part. I'll wait till the launch of the campaign on Sunday to find out.... erm, actually, no I wont.


Can't do it. I might give 2 degrees a ring and start a "We're Rooting for the All Blacks!"...now where's my blow up sheep????

The mental image of Terminator shagging an inflatable sheep is just too much for this poor poms brain. I'm off for a meeting...

Can't all be a lady "killer" like you Jason. That huge machete of yours must attract the ladies.....

Haha! Touche!


Just heard that the campaign has been cancelled because of an uproar from the fans. Shame!


Well, that all went to Hell...

I know! What a waste of good gossip.

Crud! it did it again. I was trying to post a different pic, with the same title as the one above and instead of using the new pic GetFrank just uses the one it has on file. Changing the name of my file now... reloading... posting...


Guess telecom will be walking back to Saatchi & Saatchi for a refund......probadly be quicker than trying to get through on their network!

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