Discussing :: A smoke-free New Zealand by 2025 - How will it impact tourism?


A smoke-free New Zealand by 2025 - How will it impact tourism?

The Government's aspirational goal of making New Zealand completely smoke-free by 2025 has polarised opinions. Banning all forms of tobacco nationwide is something no nation has done, save for tiny Bhutan, tucked away deep in the Himalayas. The premise that this will improve Kiwis’ health is almost beyond dispute, but there are so many other points to consider such as the cutailing of civil liberties, the creation of a black market, and the impact on tourism. Would a smoke-free New Zealand boost our lifeblood tourism trade or stub it out altogether? No doubt a smoke-free environment is entirely consistent with the ‘clean, green, 100% pure’ marketing campaign that has proven such a success over the years. But many of our international visitors come from nations where smoking rates are high, and having to surrender your smokes, together with your fruit, on arrival at Auckland International may be considered one step too far. What do you think?


Yeah, a bit far in my opinion. I'm all for doubling the price. Letting people grow their own tobacco. Well, exploring other avenues, really. But illegal? Na. But then, I'm all for legalizing pot as it's no worse than alcohol, so...


...good luck I say....there is no way that can be possible....smokers will always find away....and it realistically it is stupid to think that it could happen that quickly unless you ban all tobacco companies etc etc.....and we no that those companies pay huge taxes to Key and his followers....I think there are more important issues in this country then pushing for something that I think in 2025 will still be choking and spluttering as per usual.....


I dont think they will suceed. I am a non smoker but I do think they will fail.


Not that i believe that NZ can become 100% smoke free but i feel that any move to convince smokers to quit is a good thing. As for tourists who may not like not being able to light up as their own will. Well, when in Rome.... I like to go barefoot but if i travelled to a country where this was seen illegal or culturally insensitive i would don shoes. I rather like that i can go out to a pub or restaurant and not have to choke on the smoke filled air. I rather like that i can go to sports events and not have my eyes watering from smoke. I rather like that with the rising price my other half chose to give up of her own free will and make our home a healthier one. I rather dislike cigarettes altogether.


It's a nice thought but i don't think it's acheivable. i think it infringes on peoples civil liberties a bit to be honest. If you choose to smoke (and it is a choice in my opinion), fair play to you. You know the risks (too yourselves and others) and the restrictions (which will continue to increase) and you're prepared to pay the exorbidant price (which will also increase), so why not? It's not like we are only just finding out they are bad for you; I can remember anti-smoking rhetoric as a kind in the 80's. Let people smoke if they want to as it's their families and their own health they compromise and their own pocket they hurt. The focus seems to be coming up with some all encompassing fix, as opposed to focussing on personal responsibility. To be honest i enjoy the odd cigar at a boys night out and I would be sad to see this small, infrequent vice of mine disappear completely. I think the government would be better off trying to eradicate demand for cigarettes through social policy and support for quitting, than actually banning the product. Compare the attitude to smoking now vs. 20 years ago and it is viewed with revulsion and disdain by the majority of people. More people are quitting as a consequence of social pressure and i think this is the path we should be continuing down. If there is no or little demand then people won't import it in. It's not like the government isn't making a tidy little sum off it anyway.


Who wants to sit downwind of a smoker even outdoors at a Sport Venue, its unpleasant & puts you off the game. Hope NZ does go smoke free, anyway why should we be paying for Smokers ACC Claims. Maybe NZ will get their Clean Green Image back if the ban it.


I would like to think there will be a zero affect on tourism. People wouldn't choose a holiday destination based on tobacco availability???


I'm a smoker and from my point of view, it will not have a 'zero affect' (sic) on tourism. I'd most definitely be concerned about spending an extended period of time in a place where i couldn't feed a chemical habit. I do support the idea, and hope for the strength to quit when the time is right. But their will be an effect, it will have a negative effect on all the smokers that visit here. I'm not saying they won't come - but expect a bit more of a negative response or review of the country because of it. But that's just addicts blowing steam instead of smoke.


I'm a smoker too, and although I'd hope to have quit by then myself, I think smokers from other countries might feel a bit unwanted, let alone the fact they'll struggle to feed their own nicotine habit, which in turn will probably make their holiday/visit less enjoyable.... To be fair though, if I was planning a holiday and someone suggested somewhere where I couldn't smoke or buy cigs, I just wouldn't go there. If NZ is smoke free by then, the smokers are unlikely to visit.


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