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A Dad at 11? Time to change the law

I suppose we shouldn't be shocked at the news this week about an eleven year old boy who has fathered a child to a friend's 36 year old mother. What is disturbing is the double standards that exist around the rape laws. As things stand the 'mother' cannot be charged with rape, as this charge can only be brought when a man forces sex. Surely it is time to review the law, especially if it will increase the protection of vulnerable children. Meanwhile both the boy and his new child are in care. Very sad.

That is really shocking.I had not seen this on the news.That really is disturbing and the law needs a complete overhaul.


It's a sick world out there, that's why we need to be careful and protect our children


It is a very sexist law that we have in place. Women are equally capable of these acts and they should be prosecuted the same as what men are. Generally because the man is "stronger" he is regarded as the guilty party. I agree, the law needs to be adjusted to be equal and fair for everyone.


This is in all honesty ridiculous has society gone mad?


I was reading about this yesterday...definitely that law needs changing. That child has been abused and needs help, the woman needs to be charged for everything a man who did the same despicable act would get charged for. Discusting. The poor child/ren.


This is honestly shocking, hes a kid himself, how on earth can he father a kid!!! seriously makes me sik, This womn shuld be charged!


speaking of babies... Kim Kardashian popped out her baby girl over the weekend, I don’t want to say it is hairy but "National Geographic" was in the hospital theatre filming. Daddy Kanye is asking for privacy for him and his new family... find out more in the next edition of "Please Give Us Privacy" on the E Channel.


Really ?? This is in "Current Events and Sports" ???!!! I know it is current and an event but....


I was appalled to hear this, it makes no sense as to why the law would differentiate between sexes.


that women needs her head read she should be charged with something, the laws definitely need to be changed that poor boy is still a child with a predator using him in such a way, if it was a man on a 11 year old girl he would be taken away straight away so should she something is wrong in society if something like this is just given a blind eye......our children need to be protected from these animals....so sad

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