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A bridge too far?

Isn't it about time that a tunnel or bridge was built between north and south island? Would be great for industry and be a major feat.


Seriously one of the most earthquake prone places and putting a tunnel in? One of the windiest places and having abridge? They can't even agree on the basin roundabout overpass not a chance .nice idea but the amount of traffic to pay for it would be extreme. Sorry if I sound trollish don't mean to blast your idea just discussed idea with friends recently and theses were some of the reasons


Aren't the North and South Islands on different tectonic plates? As cool as it sounds, have the logistics been looked at for the cost, and how to make it earthquake safe? Now if only we could get that Moses guy...


I think parts of the two islands are on the same plate but I agree, the logistics of a tunnel or bridge over such unstable ground would pose some serious engineering issues. I don't know why they haven't introduced a faster ferry service than the monohulls they've been using for decades. A large wave piercing catamaran can carry around 200 cars and travel at 40 knots.


The problem with faster ferries is that the wake erodes the Sounds and therefore they must travel at 18 knots. Also the weather and the fact that the strait is one of the most treacherous stretches of water in the world places certain limitations on speed. The ferries mostly carry freight & trucks & the sailings are marketed as cruises to the tourists and I suggest anyone wanting a quick passage should just catch a flight and hire a car, a sailing is quite dear anyway if taking a car across.


There is a bridge, it's called the blue bridge. Take a ride, enjoy the view, throw up an overpriced hotdog. They can't even afford another bridge/tunnel over/under the Auckland Harbour. Economics > All other considerations.


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