Discussing :: 1 Million Eligible Voters Can't be bothered Voting!


This statistic makes me depressed. I can't believe young people are so apathetic.

...I think it came down to them not being fully informed of the options.....


I voted :) but not National.


I hate it how people vote for parties that they know nothing about, I personally voted for Labour because National is trying to get rid of student loans

...I made my votes based on being well informed and I am happy with the choices I made I use to support Labour my family use to be major labour supporters but o how times have changed.....as for student loans I am still paying mine off and want to do some post graduate study.....but I think I will stick to work at the moment....as my current student loan is a burden and I want to clear it as quickly as I can.....


This will definitely create a lot of discussion and, as you can see, it may never reach a resolution. I have seen a lot of people claiming the low turnout to be an action of "no confidence" against the current Government. However, if that were true, a vote against the current Government would have been a much clearer indication of their lack of confidence. Personally, I believe the low turnout indicates the lack of viable options the "unsure" voting public felt they had. The people who knew how they were going to vote did so and the rest, well, didn't. This was particularly evident in the party vote for minor parties which is where most of the lost votes was visible.
The National Government celebration will be short-lived once the Labour Party leadership race is over. Both candidates will be a positive change for the party but Shearer will have a much better appeal to the NZ public because of his background and ability to relate. They will compound problems if they fail to explain and gain substantial public approval for their planned asset sales. If they cannot do that it will be a huge election point in 2014 for any party wanting to make ground.
Of the minor parties (could go on and on like everyone else here) I was most impressed with the performance of the Conservative party. However, if they are unable to build their public perception and be 'visible' they may fade away over the next three years and prove the votes they gained this year to be truly wasted.


Yeah I know lots of people who didn't vote because they thought National had it.

...yep that is the same thing I was told when I found out a number of my friends didn't vote....the government or whoever needs to really inform voters....so they have enough information to be able to vote accordingly......


If you are not happy with your options do you vote for someone you dislike the least or do you choose not to vote? Either way if all you do over the next three years is a single vote for causes you supposedly believe in then you can't really say you have done your part. If you really believe in something then you should be working towards it every day. Well done to those people that are out there trying to make a difference for what they believe in whether I agree with you or not.


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