Discussing :: 1 Million Eligible Voters Can't be bothered Voting!


As Billy Connolly says - don't vote - it just encourages them!


The lowest since 1887! that's shocking! with 30% of youf unemployed you think that they would have something to say about their situation. obviously not...

Did you really just say youf for youth? Jeepers Creepers!

And whoever said that people who don't vote shouldn't be allowed passports or whatnot, what a load of bollocks. People have a CHOOSE whether to vote or not. I would absolutely hate to live in a country where we have no rights or choices.


Alot of people I have spoken to on this subject have said " all week we saw the poll results on tv & it basically told us that national will win regardless of wether we vote or not". 7 out of 10 people or the Y Generation said the same thing more or less.........it is sad when you have a chance to vote.....yet some people waiver the right..............make that difference next time Y Generation................show the Z generation how to make a change for the good........................


You do have rights in NZ. A right to Vote. So use it or you might just lose it, one day. Millions of people around the world have fought for their Right to vote and thousands have died recently.


....do what you want to do, but be able to handle the repercussions of your decisions.....

I like this!

...I'm surprised I could come up with something so thought provoking at that time of the morning...probably still on a high from watching the FFL....I probably heard or read is somewhere Bex....lol


it is unbelievable considering the state the country is in


so sad, especially considering other countries where people are putting their lives at risk to make government changws =(


so sad, especially considering other countries where people are putting their lives at risk to make government changes =(


if you cant be bothered voting dont bother complaining

...yet they still will Marty that is the stupid thing about it....


Yes the result could have been different if every single person voted, they are just lazy and have no grounds to complain now.

...please read above your question for the same answer....lol just joking....


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