Discussing :: 1 Million Eligible Voters Can't be bothered Voting!


1 Million Eligible Voters Can't be bothered Voting!

...WTH...I say to them well don't blimmin bitch and moan over the next 3 years about government policy and John Banks fashion sense, cause I definitely don't want to hear it..... The the number of voters have decreased dramatically over the years but this has been the worse and lowest turnout since 1887...YES you read it right 1887, including overseas votes as well...mostly young voters...were the ones that did not turn out....sad really...as their are some major policies that will affect them most....is that democracy at work? Here's the full article if you want to take a squizz! Article http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10769246

I agree with your first statement. We were bought up in a household where you didn't get to complain unless you voted (this included having fish and chips or bacon sandwiches for tea). It is the 'Y' generation that seem to have trouble voting, not just the Z lot. It is the whole 'Y' bother (yeah, I know, bad pun!). But I do like the idea of online voting - after all, we started off the year with being able to do the census online (for as long as it lasted). Perhaps with our easyvote card, delivered to us personally, we could have a personalised number for voting. Regardless, I am happy with my vote. I finally voted for a party that I was always told was a wasted vote. If everyone in NZ actually voted for who they really wanted, then we might have had a totally different and a lot more interesting outcome then the lack of suitable options outcome that we have had for two elections running!

...yep I was bought up in a similar household...and you appreciate what you have....I think it is the generation of it really doesn't affect me so why should I but its the future to that they need to consider...also I'm still not convinced about online voting am sure someone will find a way of manipulating it....I think the census is a totally different format where it is a collection of stats....but if they are able to do so securely which it will be interesting to see if they can then hey why not...this is more of a digital age anyway.....most of the generation that didn't vote spend a lot of time online so if they are able to provide it that way and securely and with privacy of the people casting the votes...then I'm in!

Voting is the duty of every citizen. While not mandatory, it should be compulsory for any one who is a beneficiary of the system. It could be done by special vote with the last benefit payment before the election and might bring a different demographic into the election process, countering the influence of big business interests... Just a thought...


Ah yes but 74% did vote...maybe time to go online voting to cater for the zzzZzzz generation that can't be bothered being bothered....so Labour got 27% of 74%...oh dear Mr Goff you are so right- National does not have a mandate to sell off assets....only 48% of 74%.....and Labour has a mandate to...er...um....this is how it works and yes inDeeDee (I luv using that word)...we have no cause for complaints.....and yes- that is democracy....mmm...I know- lets FORCE people to vote by threatening them with a criminal conviction for failing to do so...yes- this is democracy. Shoot the duck and get it over with or Minion gets it.

...I doubt voting online will work...that process will only be manipulated by some geek who wants to rebel against the system....lol....as for shooting the duck WG Minion has already got it and no amount of shock therapy will ever make the poor thing the same ever again, you tainted the poor thing and he is now scarred for life.....lol


I think a lot of the people who didn't vote actually 'voted' on their opinion of the NZ government. So by not voting they have sort of said "we have no faith in any party so won't vote at all". I voted (2nd year voting) and both years I've been disappointed with the results. I'm more gutted that JK is back in more than I am that National is in.

...yes I thought that to Bex after a while...and in typical fashion the media and the politicians turned that around to being probably young voters who didn't get enough information about what they were suppose to do rah de rah de rah....which is a croc IMHO....but I think a better voice would have been for the other parties going up against National would have been to harness the undecided voters instead of personal jibes at each other...stupid and ridiculous and in actual fact in some instances made JK look or sparkly and a pure...if that is possible....I am just waiting to see what is going to happen in this term especially in regard to our assets, jobs, poverty o hell everything!....


the point of the matter is labour whinged about nats policy instead of showing vision and leadership and releasing policy that makes sense. nz first did the dirty and bought their way in, go peters. go wonder the population can't be arsed and for goodness sake bring in online voting and save everyone the time and effort. could use an ird no. for login, in fact make it a national id no. from birth till death for everything, bank ac, ird no, passport and finally i might get round to remembering at least one ficken no.....lol


I've always voted but I suppose having the right to vote also gives you the right not to vote, if that's what you wish.


Bunch of spoilt brats really.. it's our democratic right to vote.. but also considering the people out there struggling to have their opinions heard, and votes really taken into account, it is pretty ridiculous that a huge number of us just can't be bothered. Yeah .. my 2 c.

...I think good on them...all can't be lazy...or can't be bothered...I was a bit miffed at it initially but now that I have had time to think about it why the heck not....they are giving an opinion by not voting....if the parties hadn't been more hell bent on slagging against each other and focusing on rarking the voters up maybe more would of turned up....and so it seems it's there democratic right not to vote!....


, it should be compulsory. If you DO NOT Vote you should not be able to renew your Passport or get a renew Driving Licence and get any tax refunds. I think it is truly disgusting that 1 out of every 3 people eligible to Vote did not get off their arses and Vote. Those lazy pricks that did not Vote probably moan the most when policies are introduced by the Government that affect them especially the new WINZ policies


1 million probably moved to oz - we never had a census... I had a few forms turn up to my home for old flatmates/ex girlfriend... reckon lots moved over while helen was at the reins like most of my family.. they don't bother voting anymore.. given up on us in nz :)


If the support level between National and Labour had not been so different, there could have been more people voting. However, even if there were more people voting, would it have resulted in different outcomes? Maybe it could have stopped NZ First from reaching 5%, but it probably wouldn't stop National forming a Government...


That's a shocking number of people who just couldn't be arsed but I think if it had been a closer race it would have gotten more people off their arse. I was overseas and heard it was a 'mare to try and vote (and I thought national had it in the bag) so didn't bother. I will not bitch about the government for 3 years. I promise. Yeah right!


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