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Aussies in Cricket
posted by Charchar
20 "Well said PArry i totally agree with you on those points. Its so satisfying seeing the Blackcap's dominate them"
17th December '17, 2:58pm
posted by shadowshaded »
Your most useless talent/ skill
posted by TommyTyrant
27 "As I look back to my post of old I realize this talent I still hold It may sound confident and bold but I am not going to fold it may sound harsh or cold it may not impress you and your not sold But in the end, a talent like this is..."
5th December '17, 5:38pm
posted by shadowshaded »
Summer is here at last!
posted by New Member
11 "It is back here again this year. The temperature is growing hotter and the beaches are calling out "
1st December '17, 9:46pm
posted by shadowshaded »
posted by New Member
4 "I appreciate a good look at netball as well as any other fella but cant comment as to whether there is too much as I dont usually see things to the end!"
1st December '17, 4:14pm
posted by David »
Who will win the Champions League?
posted by Daba
2 "Barcelona, cheering them on with my Spanish workmate!"
7th April '17, 11:31pm
posted by Kizami »
Blunt umbrella
posted by dynamic1
2 "I've got one of these Blunt umbrellas and they are pretty awesome. I never leave them out of my sight in case they also get Taken."
4th February '16, 12:06pm
posted by Peter T »
Rugby World Cup
posted by Shaun
29 "Well done to the All Blacks - special mention of Sonny Bill Williams and his kindness to his fans. "
7th November '15, 8:53pm
posted by New Member »
Your least believable/credible skill?
posted by Onaphobia
3 "I can sleep with one eye open!"
7th November '15, 6:25pm
posted by Kiwi Gas »
posted by Gonzala
13 "I think we have a moral obligation to help. Imagine if we were in this situation."
2nd November '15, 8:01pm
posted by monstar »
Kiwi driving skills (or lack thereof)
posted by SJPONeill
46 "You're so right. Pretty much every day I see people screwing this up, waiting when they have right of way, cutting in front of the person turning left. Drives me CRAZY. Are people really this stupid?? "
11th October '15, 6:13pm
posted by Onaphobia »


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