Unjust and unfair

This morning's Herald reports that Sharon Shipton, wife of convicted rapist Brad Shipton, may lose her job because of her support for her husband. This is unjust and unfair, and a violation of one of the most basic principles of justice: that it is the person responsible, rather than their family, friends, or neighbours, who should be punished.


Mrs Shipton's testimony during her husband's trial seems to have been false, but she has not been charged with perjury, let alone convicted. Unlike her husband's "good friend" Clint Rickards, she does not hold a position of public trust, and while her dishonesty is morally reprehensible, but does not fundamentally undermine her ability to do her job. Taking action against her is therefore completely unjustified, an exercise in extra-legal revenge. And that is not something anyone should support.

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  • Rohan says
    Infact if you look at it with another lense, she is only doing her duty. Didn't she take a vow on her wedding day that said, "through better or worse.."?? Well this is as "worse" as possible. I am not saying that false testimony is court is justified. All I'm saying is that while she broke the law she kept her moral vow intact.

    Idiot is also justified in saying that her employees had no right to take action against her. This is definitely a violation of her rights.

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